Believe It or Not: Marble Has Advantages

Believe It or Not: Marble Has Advantages

April 16, 2013


Marble has Advantages 

Photo by Houzz Caden Design Group

Marble is a beautiful material. Warm and unique, few things say “elegance” in the home like marble . The fine crystals it contains give it a snowy or satiny look, and the colors and veining patterns can be quite dramatic. It’s an exquisite choice for any room in the house, especially the kitchen. Sure, marble requires more maintenance than granite or quartz surfacing. But it’s perfectly doable. In fact, marble can even have its advantages.

Bakers and pastry chefs have a strong preference for marble worktops. Marble countertops stay cool, which keeps the butter in pastry layers from melting and prevents the dough from getting too soft. It’s perfect for rolling out piecrust, pizza dough, and pastries. It’s also pretty resistant to heat, so it won’t scorch easily if you place a hot cookie sheet down without a potholder or towel.

Family and friends always seem to gravitate toward the kitchen. This is especially true when you have a marble countertop. No matter which hue you choose, marble feels warm and welcoming. It’s also bright and lustrous. Marble’s luminescence can help to make even a small kitchen feel larger. White marble, in particular, gives a kitchen an overall clean, pure, and graceful look.  Plus, everyone knows that marble is one of the most expensive countertop materials available, which infuses instant luxury wherever it’s found.

And finally, as marble ages, it takes on a natural patina that’s totally unique from any other material or surface in the home …or anywhere. The older the marble countertop, the more character it develops. Marble changes along with its user, creating its own natural beauty as it ages. Think of a marble countertop as a “living history” of your family. There will be spills and scratches, but as they mix with the stone’s natural veining patterns, the imperfections only helps the surface become more beautiful.

We want to help you enjoy your marble surfacing for years to come. We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you  might have about marble or any stone surface. Contact us.


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