Marble Requires World-Class Craftsmanship

Marble Requires World-Class Craftsmanship

April 23, 2013


Marble Craftsmanship 

Photo by Houzz   Danenberg Design

Although man has been working with marble since the beginning of civilization, it’s not an easy job. Crafting a beautiful, high-quality marble countertop requires the expertise of world-class tradesmen. And though technology has replaced the actions of many hand tools, it still takes superior skill to create a quality, detailed countertop with often-intricate custom edge profiles.

Marble can be tricky for inexperienced fabricators. It’s softer and more delicate than granite and other stones. The world’s most skilled craftsmen know the attributes of each individual stone and use their talents to bring out the unique beauty of each one. The craftspeople know…

• What goes into creating a top-quality marble countertop

• How to fabricate barely-there seams

• The difference between a level countertop and a flat one

• How to properly use the marble veins to achieve spectacular results

• How to hand-craft beautiful edges and details

• That proper installation, care, and maintenance of marble will give you a gorgeous countertop that will last a lifetime.

From the most sought-after shades of marble to the top stoneworkers the craft has to offer, we work hard to connect you with the very best. We ensure that those we work with possess the skill and knowledge to help you decide what material best fits your lifestyle. Selecting a marble countertop, in particular, may sound simple. But did you know that there are at least 27 different varieties of marble? Each of them offers their own specific look, and we know how to work with each one to best enhance its unique properties. 

We know your expectations. That’s why we only work with the nation’s top fabricators who do quality work at a fair price. Visit our online list of preferred fabricators to find your ideal marble fabricator.


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