Sit and Stay a While: Handcrafted Granite Benches

Sit and Stay a While: Handcrafted Granite Benches

August 27, 2013

Customized granite benches have become popular features in many outdoor spaces. From an elaborately ornate pew, complete with quotes and carvings, or a simple seat that just showcases the beauty of the natural stone, a handcrafted bench offers the opportunity to sit, linger a while, and reflect. Whether used as a cemetery memorial or landscape accent, there are innumerable ways to customize a meaningful spot to sit that will stand the test of time.


Granite Bench

A granite bench serves as a high school class gift: photo via Marble and Granite, Inc.


Whether polished to a striking sheen or honed for a more natural look, granite benches are great for:

• A special gift

• Memorialize the passing of a loved one

• Landscape accent

• Garden décor

• Patio seating

• Attractive golf course seating

• Recognizing a significant milestone or achievement

When customizing your own personal bench design, the possibilities are endless. The shape, size and design of your bench are limited only by your imagination. But, just like with any stone project, be sure to work with an experienced fabricator who knows how to work with material that will be outside in the elements.

Another tip…you may want to steer away from black or dark granites that will be in direct sunlight. As you can imagine, this stone can get extremely hot to the touch in the sunshine.

Though we don’t keep benches in stock, Marble and Granite, Inc. can help you choose the ideal granite as well as find a professional fabricator who can create the ideal spot to rest, relax, rejuvenate or reflect. 


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