5 Unexpected Ways to Use Marble

5 Unexpected Ways to Use Marble

February 26, 2013

Choosing materials for your kitchen and bath renovations can seem overwhelming, but if you want a durable material with minimal maintenance needs, you can't go wrong with marble. This stone will not only stand the test of time, but also has an ageless aesthetic appeal, allowing it to be right at home in an ornate, traditional home or a sleek, modern space. While there are plenty of familiar ways to use marble in interior design, don't be afraid to branch out. Take a look at some unique ways to use marble in home design.

Seeley Master Bath B Traditional Bathroom Chicago

Photo by Houzz by Michael Abrams Limited

Mix and match colors

By using two or more colors of marble in the same bathroom, you give yourself the ability to create a unique look that really pops. Use a light-colored tile for the majority of the room with one or two darker colors serving as embellishment pieces for borders or statement spots, such as cubbies, shelving or seating.

Spice Warehouse Tribecca Loft

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Play with Scale

 Along the same lines as using different colors to create a bold look, pairing small and large tiles allows you to embellish different areas of a room. Large tiles on the shower walls move into very small square tiles on the floor of the shower to give a bold and interesting look to an otherwise very uniform bathroom feature.

Shady Grove Master Bath

Photo by Houzz by Anna Baskin Lattimore Design

Include Pattern

Use different designs to step up the interest in a backsplash. While a solid marble backsplash has undeniable classic appeal, you could also go bold with a herringbone or basket weave pattern.

No matter how you decide to use marble, this elegant, durable stone can work beautifully for years to come. To explore the myriad options in marble tile and marble slab countertops from the best New England stone wholesaler, visit our website or make an appointment.


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