What Goes in to Natural Stone Countertops?

What Goes in to Natural Stone Countertops?

February 12, 2013

When it comes to kitchen renovations, one of the most popular upgrades among homeowners is the installation of stone countertops in marble or granite. Stone is an incredibly versatile material that helps to not only improve the aesthetic quality of the kitchen, but can also increase the value of your home.


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So what makes stone such a popular material? One of its main draws is its uniqueness. Each slab of stone has an incredible history. Just consider the origins of limestone- this type of stone originated as an ancient seabed, and through the course of millions of years of uplift, formed mountains and other land masses.

So how does this ancient material go from the mountain to your kitchen? The stone is cut from the mountainsides in large 50,000 pound blocks, which are then cut down to slabs and refined by skilled stone artisans. Each slab has a unique look and feel to it, meaning that when you choose a slab for your countertop, you are choosing something that only you will have. Everything that makes your stone slab unique-the luster, color, and hardness- are due to the stone's unique mineral composition and lend to the uniqueness of the stone. It's no wonder plastic, metal, and other countertop materials can't hold a candle to the charm and visual interest of stone.

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Of course, charm alone isn't enough to justify a remodeling decision for most homeowners. Fortunately you can have confidence in your decision, because most countertops made from stone will outlast the structure of the house. Ready to find a New England stone supplier to bring the beauty of stone to your kitchen or bathroom remodel? Please make an appointment with us today, or browse our many stone products online.


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