Eight benefits of eco-friendly Neolith

Eight benefits of eco-friendly Neolith

January 29, 2013

Marble And Granite, Inc. in keeping with her long tradition of staying ahead of the curve by providing the latest surfaces for countertop, flooring and other vertical applications has once again introduced this wonderful and eco-friendly product called NEOLITH. This is probably the only product of its kind which is eventually going to find an application in every conceivable form of space. It is because of this versatility that we will not define this product strictly in terms of a countertop material only.

Avorio and Moka in a Retail Showroom

Before we start highlighting its features and benefits let's have a look at what some of the most respected designers from Kitchen & Bath Industry have to say about this wonderful product. Mr. Federico Martin of Integral Renovation Projects - authorized dealer of prestigious Poggenpohl Kitchens - recently made very encouraging remarks about the looks and functionality of Neolith in an article "Kitchen Portfolio" in January 2013 issue of Connecticut Cottages and Gardens. This is what Mr. Martin said,"It's thin, has 0.5-inch water absorption and is available in lots of colors. It can be mitered to a 90-degree angle and create a cascade countertop. It is crisp, modern and sexy".

Another very encouraging appreciation came from one of the founders of Wheelock Maidique Crafts Kitchens, Mr. Chuck Wheelock, who is an Architect by training and has a very long experience designing high-end kitchens and cabinetry. When asked about some kitchen tips this is what Mr. Wheelock had to say,"A fireplace can have a relaxing effect. But a wood-fired pizza oven generates a lot of heat and requires commercial ventilation. Marble counters are okay in a kitchen that doesn't get heavy use. But Neolith is the best surface: It's thin and doesn't burn, stain or watermark".

Let's introduce you to the "eight benefits" of using Neolith:

a) Neolith is lightweight - easy handling and less load on the cladding

b) Neolith is hygienic

c) Neolith is waterproof

d) Neolith is resistant to high temperatures

e) Neolith is resistant to scratches and abrasion

f) Neolith is resistant to bending 

g) Neolith is resistant to cleaning agents like bleach or ammonia

h) Neolith is environmentally-friendly

Neolith is composed entirely of natural materials, and it does not give off any substances that are harmful to the environment and is completely recyclable.

One can feel pretty confident about the strength of this material when they see its application as floor tiles and on the side walls in a high traffic area such as this real life Metro Station below.

Nieve used in Metro Station

Neolith is the perfect solution for kitchen furnishing due to its characteristics and quality, offering results most suitable for projects in interior design. Women in particular will love its resistance to high tempeartures, resistance to scratching and almost zero absorption of liquids because durability and hygiene are their two top priorities in a kitchen. This material is capable of taking enough beating is exhibited by a real outdoor kitchen, and a bathroom vanity shown below.

Phedra for an outdoor kitchenAvorio for a vanity

 This material can withstand heat, sunlight, rain and other natural climatic changes is quite clearly evident from these buildings where Neolith has been used as an exterior application.

Nieve for facadeChocolate for facade

To balance style and functionality is a very challenging task for designers and architects. This stylish DKNY store in London must have used Neolith definitely after carefully examining that this unique product combines style, crispness, function and strength in such a convincing way that they chose this product to cover every inch of space in this store.

Basalt Grey in DKNY StoreBasalt Grey

We at Marble And Granite, Inc. are always driven by this conviction that our customers deserve the best service and latest information. For more ideas about Neolith please visit us at http://www.marbleandgranite.com or view this product in person by visiting our showrooms in Westwood, MA and Milford, CT. The excitement does not stop here. We are soon introducing another exciting new product for you. 









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