NEOLITH transforms the cladding industry

NEOLITH transforms the cladding industry

July 16, 2013

The largest porcelain slab on the market, Neolith is shaking up the cladding industry, out-performing other façade materials in both strength and functionality. While the material is also great inside for countertops, vanities, flooring, veneers, and more, architects and builders have quickly recognized the virtues of this high-tech material for building exteriors. 



 NEOLITH facade in action at a Volvo dealrship in Bogota, Columbia

Of the many advantages of Neolith those most important for facades are its size (it’s available in very large, very thin panels) and the fact that it’s exceptionally lightweight. These traits make it far more efficient and easier to install than typical cladding materials such as steel and natural stone.

Neolith comes in slabs up to 144-inches by 48-inches in length. The large slabs can be used to achieve long stretches of walls without seams or joints. It comes in a variety of colors and finishes and lends a minimalistic, modern look. Neolith is resistant to extreme weather conditions, UV rays, heat, water, chemicals, and abrasion. Not only will Neolith not burn if it comes into contact with fire, but it also doesn’t emit smoke or toxic fumes. 

Despite the ultra thin, lightweight nature of Neolith it has a high shear rate, which means it can handle very heavy loads and pressure. Its “super hero” strength, minimal weight, and high efficiency make Neolith one of the most innovative products ever available in the cladding industry. 


Neolith facade

 Another colorful Neolith Facade; photo via THESIZE


We at Marble and Granite, Inc. are always driven by this conviction that our customers deserve the best service and latest products. For more ideas about Neolith please visit our website or view this amazing product in person by visiting our showrooms in Westwood, MA and Milford, CT.





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