Now Trending in Luxury Baths: Steam Showers made of natural stone

Now Trending in Luxury Baths: Steam Showers made of natural stone

July 23, 2013

Steam showers are the new “must have” element of luxury bathrooms. But they involve a lot of technical details, especially when they’re made of natural stone. If you’re considering a steam shower in your home, be sure to do your homework and ensure you’re working with a skilled and reputable fabricator and a tile installer who know the requirements inside and out.

Discerning homeowners have discovered the indulgence of a relaxing steam shower at home. Far more convenient than a trip to the health club or spa, a home steam shower offers a unique bathing experience, allowing you to de-stress and unwind any time you like. Said to provide countless benefits to mental and physical health, a steam shower is not only a top luxury bath trend, it also enhances one’s overall sense of wellbeing. 

steam shower

Natural stone steam shower by All in the Details; Photo via Houzz


Natural stone tiles can help transform a steam shower into a beautiful, indulgent oasis. But installing those tiles in a steam shower in a way that takes advantage of stone’s waterproof qualities and reduces mildew can be a very tricky job. Creating an environment that repels water and remains as dry as possible when it’s not in use should always be left to the fabricator and tile installer. As a proactive customer you should ask them to construct a sloped ceiling to drain condensation as well as how to implement a great drain design to prevent standing water, thereby reducing mold and mildew.

While manmade materials are less porous and naturally repel water, natural stone needs a little assistance to stay dry. This means maintenance for the homeowner too. But the beauty of a natural granite or marble tile steam shower is so appealing that many feel it’s well worth a little extra effort. As far as cleaning a natural stone steam shower, you don’t need anything fancy or expensive. In fact, you should avoid chemicals, which can be too harsh and can erode the protective sealant. A drop of natural dish soap in a bucket of water and a light scrub with a synthetic scrub brush does the job just fine. 

Natural stone steam shower

Project by Thorson Restoration & Construction; photo via Houzz


At Marble and Granite, Inc., we recommend that you seal your stone steam shower at least once a year. You can do it yourself with several easy-to-use care & maintenance products . If the steam shower is in a guest room or less commonly used place, you can likely get away with resealing every two years instead. Be sure to also periodically inspect walls, ceilings and floors for mildew. If it begins to set in, a good professional steam clean will do the trick.

Choosing stone with the right finish can help prevent mildew as well. Highly polished tiles repel water, as well as body cleansing products, wonderfully. A honed or brushed finish is usually applied to the floor to provide some traction and safety. Honed surfaces don’t repel water as well, so that’s another reason a good drainage system is so important. 

Have questions on how to maximize the longevity and performance of your steam shower? Let the sales team of Marble and Granite, Inc. can guide you in the right direction. Or reach out to experienced fabricators and tile installers who can expertly turn your dream steam shower into a reality.


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