Saint Pierre Brushed Marble Slabs Now in Stock

Saint Pierre Brushed Marble Slabs Now in Stock

July 09, 2013

Looking for the latest designer natural stone? Saint Pierre Brushed Marble 3cm is the new center of attraction in our showrooms.  Hailing from Canada, this beautiful material is high-density and high-fashion which makes it suitable for floors, kitchen and bathroom countertops, and almost any other residential or commercial application you can dream of.

The slabs have moderate movement for a unique textured look that set them apart and consistent color throughout. Saint Pierre falls into our higher "red tag" pricing category, which means it is an original and exclusive stone that the quarries have yet to fully exploit, and/or the materials are difficult to process. Check out our post about the factors that affect the pricing of marble and granite for more information.

How would you use Smokey Black brushed marble for your project? Let us know by leaving a comment.


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