The Rare Beauty of Super White Granite

The Rare Beauty of Super White Granite

June 13, 2013

Photo by Marble and Granite, Inc. 

There’s no doubting the beauty of Super White Quartzite, also known in the U.S. as Super White Granite. Available only from this particular quarry in Brazil, Super White is a gorgeous light colored stone that’s a compact, coarse metamorphic rock with small to intense veins in light, medium, or dark colors. Shades vary from white to very light tones of gray or beige. Some think the stone has the appearance of an aerial photograph or an icy arctic ocean.

Photo by Marble and Granite, Inc.

With boulders of this exquisite surface still underground, the supply of quality slabs is scarce. But as the demand for light, or white, countertops increases in popularity, so, too, is the desire for this beautiful stone.

Homeowners and designers alike prefer Super White Granite to marble because, unlike marble, it’s naturally stain-proof. The durable surface may be treated, polished, or finished to create a specific final look as well as to increase antibacterial, scratch, heat, and stain resistant characteristics.

SuperWhite Kitchen

Caption: Super White Granite countertop. Photo by Houzz, Heartwood Kitchen


Quality slabs of Super White Granite may be in low volume, and for this reason may be more expensive. But it’s a stone that’s great for both interior and exterior use. However, a word of caution…note that a small sample of Super White Granite may not necessarily be representative of the entire slab since the stone varies widely in color and veining. If you’re working on a large project, be sure to approve enough samples to ensure that the blocks are taken from the same quarry face for matching purposes.

At Marble and Granite, Inc., we currently offer two styles of Super White Granite:

Super White Premium (Quartzite) Granite and Super White (Quartzite) Granite. Drop by either of our Boston area showrooms  or call us with any questions about your upcoming Super White Granite projects. We’ll let you know what you should look for, what you can expect to pay, and how you can obtain the best quality Super White product available.



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