Have you seen this: Properties of Crystaline Stone

Have you seen this: Properties of Crystaline Stone

March 12, 2013

You need no longer worry about the surface of your countertop. The kids cannot ruin it with pens, the husband cannot stain it with his motor oil or even spray paint, and the incident involving your neighbors’ spilled red wine can be brushed off stoically. You can have that gorgeous countertop without stress.



Perhaps it is time to revisit the qualities and attributes of today’s stonework. Don’t wait for the kids to go off to college. Treat yourself to having what you want now, instead of merely day dreaming about it. Crystaline Stone has put forth a great deal of effort toward research to allow you to have your desired countertop, free of worry. Where once there was a beautiful, fragile stone, there is now a hardy amazing addition. Crystaline Stone has manufactured an amazing characteristic into their stonework. You can now spill orange juice, knock over a bottle of olive oil and the kids can use their favorite painting supplies on the countertop. You may think this is all just crazy that a stone can put up with all this abuse. But it can.

Because of the unique manufacturing process that Crystaline Stone has formed, you can live a little less stressfully while still surrounding yourself with beauty. If you take a moment to watch this video , you will see they are not putting on airs. This was intentionally made with a handheld camera to show just how easy it is to keep clean a countertop. And, the use of this stone does not stop at a countertop. Think of it, instead of an unsightly white board, an entire wall can be given to your budding artist to create again and again, with no effort to clean it. After the photo session, of course! The kids’ room need not be bland. You can have a beautiful stone foyer without worry of dirty boots. And the patio can look just as perfect ten years later as the day it was laid down.


At Marble and Granite, we have long offered the unique and gorgeous stonework of many manufacturers throughout the world. This particular brand is from Brazil, where the importance of beauty and the ease of maintenance are brought together. This is not a trick. See for yourself. Contact us for a sample, so you can perform the same experiment - and you will be amazed.


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