Nine New colors of Caesarstone for 2013

Nine New colors of Caesarstone for 2013

March 14, 2013

When a new product enters the market as popular as Caesarstone, there is often quite a buzz. Small wonder, since Caesarstone has been identified as an excellent choice for countertops in posh New York apartments, upscale hotels and any number of luxury homes. So when several distinct, new colors were added to the Classico group, heads have turned to gaze upon the exquisite choices. They are:

Ocean Foam


Piatra Grey

Frosty Carrina


London Grey

Dreamy Marfil

Jet Black

Red Shimmer

This company is a lot more than countertops, backsplashes or flooring. It represents the new age of thinking that believes in investing a great deal of time and effort to make the best products for its customers, which so many other companies overlook. In addition, the customer service goes beyond what is given at the sales counter. It extends to the only warranty you will find that is in effect for the full length of time you own your home. It goes well beyond the showroom to the warehouse, where all unused materials are recycled. It encompasses the Earth, as Caesarstone has constantly sought to make the smallest possible footprint. Caesarstone uses tools that require less power. It employs recycling policies in the manufacturing process and the use of water throughout its plants. And Caesarstone employs dust reduction procedures. So it stands to reason that this addition of new colors to an already amazing line was created by those who are inspired by Nature herself.

All this, while creating outstanding materials with incredible characteristics. Some of them include the non-porous surface, that not only lasts years, requires little or no maintenance, while retaining that new look which is so desired. In addition, the lack of pores means a lack of a handhold for bacteria. There are numerous other characteristics: stain, scratch and heat resistant, with a natural look and very comfortable feel to the touch.

The Classico line is a brilliant one, as shown in the brochure. Ranging from a bright red to subdued white, any color scheme can be incorporated using these. And, we at Marble and Granite understand the importance of their mission, bringing the best product to the markets, while retaining the precious resources of Earth, air, water and environment. For this reason, we are quite happy to have one of the largest inventories of the entire line. Contact us today for a personal viewing.


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