Top 10 Tips: Caring For Natural Stone Countertops

Top 10 Tips: Caring For Natural Stone Countertops

May 23, 2013

Skyros Marble Countertop

Photo: Houzz by Marble and Granite, Inc.

Everyone knows that natural stone surfaces are beautiful. But not everyone knows how to care for them. At Marble and Granite, Inc., we get a lot of questions from our customers about proper care and maintenance of natural stone used for countertops, flooring, walls, and more. We’ve compiled our “Top 10 Tips” to help de-mystify the do’s and don'ts of living with natural stone.

10.)  Use coasters under glasses, especially when drinking acidic beverages such as alcohol or juice.

9.)   Place trivets or pot holders under hot dishes and cookware.

8.)   If you’re eating on a granite or marble counter or bar top, use place mats.

7.)   Place a rug at entryways to help keep dirt and sand off of natural stone floors.

6.)   Have stone floors professionally polished. Don’t use standard floor wax or other “shine agents.” They build up over time and take away from the stone’s natural beauty.

5.)   Make sure natural stone has been professional cleaned before sealing. Sealers will trap in dirt and debris, resulting in damage to the stone.

4.)  Clean natural stone frequently with warm water and mild soap, like dishwashing liquid.

3.)  Avoid household cleaning products that may be abrasive, such as Comet or Soft Scrub, and never use any type of scouring pads on natural stone. They often contain silicon carbide and will scratch even the toughest stone.

2.)  Don’t use harsh disinfectants like bleach or ammonia. Never use vinegar to clean natural stone—it’s highly acidic and will damage it. Also avoid alkaline cleaners, such as baking soda. Basically, unless the label specifically notes that it is safe for use on natural stone, do not use it. Glass cleaners should also be avoided.

1.)  Wipe up spills as quickly as possible. The longer they sit, the bigger the risk of permanent damage, even if the natural stone has been sealed. Some substances that can be particularly damaging include orange juice, lemonade, wine, tomato sauce, yogurt, salad dressing, perfume, and after shave.

Our website is another great source for advice on care and maintenance. You’ll find information on how to remove deep stains as well as what products we recommend. The Marble Institute of America also offers great advice on care of marble

Remember that not all stone surfaces are the same, and this is simply a list of our “better safe than sorry” guidelines. At Marble and Granite, Inc., we’ll take the time to educate you on precise care and maintenance of whatever surface you choose. You’ll feel confident in caring for your investment, and know what to do to help it last a lifetime. 


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