Why Online Pricing For Granite Countertops?

Why Online Pricing For Granite Countertops?

May 21, 2013



When you buy a car, you start the process by doing your homework. You compare miles per gallon, standard features and optional upgrades, and of course, cost. But when you consider cost, you also consider all of the elements that contribute to that cost. You look at the accessories, tax and licensing, and the warranty. When you are pricing granite countertops, you owe it to yourself to do your homework before making this purchase as well.

The starting point of your investigation will be your choice of stone. Besides granite, countertops are frequently cut from marble or quartz. Natural stones include granite, marble, soapstone, slate and crystaline stone. There are also engineered stone such as CaesarStone and crystal glass. The client who wants to use recycled materials might select curava, a composite of 70 percent recycled glass and cement. Neolith is a durable porcelain product made from clay or sand. Each one of these materials is worthy of the exquisite kitchen, but the characteristics and cost vary dramatically.

To take some of the mystery out of shopping for stone, Marble and Granite has provided you, the end customer, with a website that provides you with detailed descriptions of each. This is not intended to eliminate your ability to shop in person, but to allow you to compare and contrast them before you shop so that you can come to the showroom prepared. As you compile your shopping list online, be sure to note your questions so that our professionals can address all of your issues before you buy. Understanding the characteristics of the stone will help you determine which is best for your needs.

Next you will need to address which is best for your budget. Marble and Granite is the only wholesaler that provides price transparency to the end user. By seeing the exact cost of the stone per square foot, even though the installation cost is not included, you will be able to control this element of your project. Coupled with an understanding of the characteristics of the stone, you will be able to see which stones are more expensive than others and, more importantly, why they are more expensive. The process of pricing granite countertops will be no more confusing than pricing your next car.

If you are considering an upgrade to your kitchen, peruse our inventory at www.marbleandgranite.com. You are sure to find precisely what you need.


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