Resilience + Classic Beauty = White Soapstone

Resilience + Classic Beauty = White Soapstone

August 19, 2014

Love the resilience of soapstone, but have your heart set on classic white countertops? We’ve got a choice that may offer a pretty good compromise…White Soapstone.

While most soapstone is darker in color, ranging anywhere from charcoal grey to black to smoky blue, White Soapstone features a lighter, nearly white background with deep, dark veins of graphite. Granted, it’s not a bright, pure white such as Carrara Marble, but it’s also not as delicate and easily stained.

White Soapstone

White Soapstone now in stock at Marble and Granite, Inc.

If you love the look of white marble, but are not a fan of the “lived with” look that comes down the road, White Soapstone may be right up your alley. Soapstone is a metamorphic rock (meaning time and pressure have changed it over thousands of years) mostly made of talc, which is the softest mineral there is. So it stands to reason that Soapstone is, in general, on the soft side. However it’s also very resilient. It’s resistant to stains and the elements, plus it’s impervious to chemicals and most liquids, making a great countertop material. Soapstone is virtually heat proof, so you can take pots and pans right out of the oven and place it on soapstone without damage.

Soapstone is softer than granite or marble, so it will scratch easier than these materials. However, most light scratches can be easily disguised with a mineral oil application. Deeper scratches can be removed with light sanding along with mineral oil. In fact, the only maintenance required for soapstone countertops is the occasional application of mineral oil. It cleans easily with just soap and water. So, you’re getting the timeless look of white countertops without the stain “risk” involved in owning a stone such as marble.

With beautiful patterns of black and white woven throughout, this natural stone pairs well with virtually any style of décor, from modern to classic. Three-centimeter-thick honed slabs of this rare Brazilian White Soapstone are now available at both of our New England area warehouses. As with any stone, the slabs can all vary quite a bit in pattern and color, so give us a call (877-39-STONE) or stop by one of our showrooms to see this beautiful stone in person.


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