Large Format Tile From Neolith

Large Format Tile From Neolith

February 18, 2014

When it comes to tile flooring, all signs are pointing toward a trend in large format tiles. Besides offering a distinctive design aesthetic, there are a few other benefits to big tiles. And in the “big tile” category, no surface can come close to offering the benefits of Neolith.

Neolith Flooring

The Bresco Bakery in Barcelona, Spain uses Neolith for flooring

So, what exactly is Neolith? It’s a porcelain slab that’s made of 100-percent natural material including clay, feldspar, silica, and minearal oxide. Neolith manufacturer The Size takes these materials directly from the quarry to their manufacturing facility in Spain. Through a high-tech process, they create a lightweight, waterproof material that seems to be practically bulletproof. It’s a high-performance material that’s scratch, stain, UV, cold, heat and fire resistant. Excellent for high-traffic areas, it’s also resistant to harsh cleaning agents and chemicals, plus it requires little maintenance.

And why is it great for large format tiling? Well, one of the most common issues with large format tile installation is working with the large, heavy tiles themselves. These big pieces of stone are heavy and can be difficult- not to mention expensive- to transport. Since Neolith is so thin (slabs come as thin as 3- to 5- millimeters thick) it is exceptionaly lightweight and easy to transfer from warehouse to construction site. The sheets are far easier to handle, which also helps cut down on costs.

Large Format Neolith Tiles

Neolith large format tile flooring; photo via THESIZE

Another issue with heavy stone floor tiles is the danger of “lippage”— or having one edge higher than another. This can be due to an uneven stone or due to a slight miscalculation in installation. Since Neolith comes in a set thickness, it will always be even, and therefore safer.

Neolith comes in sheets up to 144-inches by 48-inches, so it can be used to create exceptionally large floor tiles. The larger the floor tile used, the fewer grout joints you’ll see. Fewer grout joints means a cleaner look as well as a cleaner floor. Having fewer spaces to get trapped, dirt and grime are far easier to clean up on this style of floor.

Since Neolith is resistant to any cleaners, as well as scratching and deep abrasions, it’s perfectly suited for high traffic flooring applications in both residential and commercial settings. Plus, with dozens of colors and patterns available, there is a shade of Neolith to suit virtually any style of décor.

Neolith in OfficeEasier to clean, Neolith is a great choice for office flooring; photo via THE SIZE

Considering large scale flooring to create a seamless, fresh, and open look for flooring? Consult the tile experts at Marble and Granite, Inc., who can show you more about Neolith, plus help you determine exactly how large a tile will be advisable and practical for your specific project.


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