Leathered Finishes

Leathered Finishes

January 30, 2014

There’s no denying the appeal of leather. Its sumptuous texture lends richness to fashion as well as interior design. Did you know leather texture can also add interest to your countertops and natural stone surfaces as well?

Kodiak LeatheredKodiak in leather finish provided by Marble and Granite, Inc.; photo via Houzz

Natural stone with a leathered finish is a recent trend that’s lending a look and feel of sophistication throughout residential, hospitality, and commercial spaces. Similar to a matte finished photograph, leathered finishes are not as reflective as glossy, highly polished surfaces. It still has a bit of sheen to it, but it’s not “shiny.” Not only does a leathered finish add an extra sensory element to a countertop or table, but it also shows far fewer fingerprints and water spots than a polished surface will.

A leathered finish starts with a honed surface. Then, diamond-tipped brushes are run across the surface to add texture. The brushes have varying levels of grit, which allows it to achieve a surface that’s more like subtle dimples than sharp crevices. The amount of texture that will result on each stone all depends on the actual stone itself. Natural stone that’s very uniform and color-consistent throughout will have a far more subtle result than stones that have a more varied composition. Typically, darker stones like Atlantic Black or Cambrian Black are the best for leathering.

Much like polishing, the leathered finish helps to close the pores of the stone, making it more resistant to stains. It won’t be quite as stain resistant as a polished surface, but it’s definitely easier to maintain than a honed finish. Treating the stone in this manner also helps retain the stone’s natural color, whereas honed finishes can sometimes wash out the natural hues.

Just one more design option when it comes to natural stone surfacing, a leathered finish adds a bit of subtle texture. In the home, it’s a conversation starter since it’s unique and different from the standard polished finishes found in most homes. As practical and easy to live with as it is stylish, leathered finishes offer one more way to let individual personality shine through design.

Want to see which stones make the best elegantly textured leathered surfaces? Visit Marble and Granite’s showrooms, browse our vast selection of natural stone, and talk with our expert stone professionals who can offer advice for any surfacing project you have in mind.

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