Technology and Design

Technology and Design

January 21, 2014

Reading about all of the fun new gadgets introduced at a recent Consumer Electronics Show brings to mind how much technology has changed our lives. It’s changed our business too. Today, you have the convenience of checking our live inventory right on your laptop at or smart phone with our StonePedia app. But what’s particularly interesting to note is how technology has affected every aspect of design.

Naturally, technology has given us new and imaginative ways to fabricate natural stone and surfacing material. But it’s also changed the basic functions of our homes and offices. As the number of gadgets we regularly use increases, so does the need to store such items. And the need for gadget storage means re-thinking the way we layout areas like the kitchen, bath, and office. We need to take into account where and how we use and store the items that help us take command of our lives… items like iPads, smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

In areas like the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and home office, “charging stations” or little mini “mission control” areas have practically become a requirement. Going beyond basic function, these areas also offer another area in the home where you can show off beautiful natural stone or other dramatic surfacing material. Here are three examples…

Mudroom by Divine KitchensMudroom charging station by Divine Kitchens; photo via Houzz

Green granite beautifully contrasts with light natural wood cabinets, making this mud room an ideal mail station and charging area. Pocket doors let you tuck everything out of sight while still enjoying the elegant look of the granite.

Charging Garage by Kitchen Interiors"Charging Garage" by Kitchen Interiors; photo via Houzz

Even the narrowest of spaces can offer a great place to set up a functional “tech center.” This kitchen makes use of a concealable “charging garage.” Where one might stash small appliances or coffee makers, this homeowner chose to create an out-of-the-way computer/charging station. The beautiful natural stone keeps the area visually connected to the rest of the countertop.

Charging Station by Inspire Kitchen 

Charging station by Inspire Kitchen & Bath Design; photo via Houzz 

The bathroom is an ideal place for a “charge bar.” Small grooming appliances like chargeable razors and electric toothbrushes require a home, and who wants to see cords snaking across the vanity? This bathroom cubby with overhead lifting door is a great spot for grooming appliances or handheld devices.

No matter what kind – or size - of charging station you have in mind, Marble and Granite, Inc. can help you find a great surface to cover it. Need a fabricator to help you along? Check out our fabricator network for the experienced natural stone professional near you.


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