Is it stone or is it wood?

Is it stone or is it wood?

July 22, 2014

Though it may look like cross-sectioned rings of wood, Stonewood granite is a natural stone that commands attention!

Stonewood Granite

One-of-a-kind slabs of dramatic Stonewood granite; photo via Marble and Granite Inc.

This granite from Brazil can be described as having a tie-dye pattern. Primarily yellow in color, it features clearly defined circular striations of caramel, amber, oak, and chocolate on a sandy tan background. The colors are typically very dramatic and crisp. Though more toward the neutral color palette, the patterns appear to be very bold and anything but inconspicuous.

While it’s a pattern that’s not necessarily suited to everyone’s taste, some find the burled wood imagery to be gorgeous. And, whether their reaction is one of enchantment or ennui, our customers can’t seem to help stopping and checking out this compelling slab we have on display in our showroom.

If you’re looking for a material that’s particularly unique, Stonewood granite is it. Since its striations and veining are so dramatic, you’ll never find two slabs that look alike. Though this is true with granite, in general, the formations and patterns of Stonewood are even more distinctive.

Thinking that a one-of-a-kind natural surface like this might be just what your project calls for? Visit our showrooms to see Stonewood granite in person. It’s one of the most unique granites you’ll ever experience!


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