Trend Watch: Ultra-thin Granite Countertops

Trend Watch: Ultra-thin Granite Countertops

July 31, 2014

Slim profiled countertops have been all the rage in Europe for some time. But the trend is just beginning to take root in U.S. soil. It’s a clean-lined look that’s a great fit in modern, high-end kitchen and bath designs. And, these days, ultra-thin slabs are not just available in manmade materials. The availability of these ultra-slim slabs is increasing with granite getting in on the game.

For a long time, 2-cm was the most popular thickness for kitchen and bath countertops. Quite often, especially with granite used in the kitchen, the edge was built-up to 4-cm to add the appearance of a bit more bulk. But cutting edge designs are now leaning more towards “streamlined” and “subtle.”

Kodiak Countertop

We’re seeing a movement toward ultra-thin countertops, such as this 1-cm thick Kodiak Brown top displayed in a New Jersey PoggenPohl showroom. Photo courtesy of Polycor.

The popularity of today’s integrated kitchen concept is one driving force behind the “thin is in” movement in countertops. As designers continue to “hide” appliances from plain view, blending them into surrounding cabinetry as much as possible, the thickness of countertops is decreasing. As this trend intensifies, countertops appear to be becoming less obvious and muted.

Typically measuring about 1-cm thick (or about 3/8-inch), ultra thin granite tops offer a clean, streamlined look that’s a great fit in today’s high-end, modern spaces. Besides speaking to cutting-edge, contemporary sensibilities, the super slim countertop has another attribute. It’s a look that works nicely in smaller kitchens and baths, helping the space appear larger.

Ultra-thin Countertop in Kodiak

As the integrated kitchen concept grows, the thickness of kitchen countertops is shrinking. Photo courtesy of Polycor.

Whether you’re looking for granite specifically, or just exploring your options for super thin countertops, Marble and Granite, Inc. can help. Visit one of our two showroom locations to learn more about what’s hot in thin, streamlined countertop material.


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