Neolith: Making an Impact On Modern Architecture

Neolith: Making an Impact On Modern Architecture

May 13, 2014

Once again architects are recognizing Neolith ultra compact surfacing for the unique contributions the material is making in the cladding industry. Here are a few recent international projects that the reputable World Architects eMagazine has spotlighted, demonstrating to thousands of subscribers all over the world that Neolith is a force to be reckoned with.

Neolith Nieve and Nero

The 14-story Salata 14 commercial building in Doha, Qatar, sports three colors of Neolith. Photo: Bernard Saade, courtesy of Neolith

Citing Neolith’s durability and varied color palette as the main reasons for choosing the material, E-Square Architects used Neolith to clad the Salata 14 commercial building they designed in Qatar. They used three distinctive colors: Nieve and Nero from the Neolith Colorfeel Collection and Red Qatar—a color specifically made for the project. The varied use of color helps to accentuate the interesting shapes and angles of the building.

The article mentions that the architects chose Neolith because it will withstand the heat, winds, and sand prevalent in that area. Each compact slab is designed to be unaffected by extreme high or low temperatures, moisture, harsh chemicals, fire, abrasion, and even ultraviolet rays, making it one of the most efficient solutions for even the most demanding architectural projects.

Neolith Barro Saltinado

Neolith Barro used in South Korea’s Maxtyle fashion mall; photo via Neolith

Another interesting façade sporting Neolith is the Maxtyle fashion mall in Seoul, South Korea’s Dongdaemun District. Made mostly of solid Neolith, the gray Barro finish makes a beautifully contrasting backdrop to the dramatic evening lighting. In fact, portions of the material appear to “peel away,” revealing colored lights from within.

Though it’s a fantastic outdoor cladding material, Neolith is also ideal for countertops, vanities, flooring, veneers, and more. Learn more about this revolutionary material at Marble & Granite, Inc. As one of the largest retailers of Neolith on the east coast, we’ll show you how it just may be the ideal solution for your projects, inside and out.

Read the World Architects eMagazine article in its entirety here.



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