Neolith Offers New 6 mm Thickness

Neolith Offers New 6 mm Thickness

September 30, 2014

Ultra-compact Neolith surfacing just got even more practical. The availability of a new 6mm thickness makes this versatile, durable “super hero” of a surface now even more efficient. Already ideal for a catalog of applications, the new size now aligns Neolith with industry standards for even more uses.

Neolith Estatuario 6mm

Beautiful Neolith Estatuario ; photo via Marble and Granite, Inc.

As of this month, Neolith may be purchased in the new 6mm thickness. Currently available in 3mm, 5mm, and 12mm, the new size is an addition through 2014. Come January 2015, the 5mm size will be phased out and replaced solely by the 6mm thickness. This will ensure a smooth transition to the new size for everyone.

Thickness Diagram of Neolith

Beginning January 2015, the 6mm size Neolith will be available in two different formats (3,600 x 1,200 mm and 3,200 x 1,500 mm) to serve a variety of projects from flooring and fireplace surrounds to countertops and exterior cladding, and everywhere in between.

Made up of 100 percent natural minerals including clay, feldspar, silica, and mineral oxide, Neolith is crafted in Spain through a high-tech manufacturing process, resulting in an ultra slim, lightweight material. Of its many attributes, Neolith is waterproof, scratch, stain, UV, cold, heat, and fire resistant, plus it is incredibly strong, durable and easy to maintain. It can be used on virtually any surface, ceiling to floor, inside or out.

Neolith Marfil

Neolith Marfil is a tribute to Crema Marfil marble; photo via Marble and Granite, Inc.

The 6mm thickness is better suited to industry standards and regulations currently being developed in certain markets for ultra-thin flooring as well as cladding applications. Ventilated façade systems also require a 6mm thick surface, so the new size brings Neolith in line with these industry requirements.

Eliminating the 5mm thickness will help Neolith ensure a higher stock availability of the 6mm material, which the company expects to be in high demand. This will help give you a shorter lead-time.

Thinner, lighter, and easier to transport than natural stone, Neolith is a practical alternative to natural stone. Visit one of our two New England area showrooms and let our surfacing experts show you how Neolith can be a practical and beautiful solution for your project. Give us a call at 877-39-STONE.


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