Cooking With Neolith

Cooking With Neolith

April 08, 2015


Ultra compact Neolith surfacing is ideal for kitchen countertops. Check out Neolith’s latest demo video below.

The Size, manufacturer of ultra-slim Neolith surfacing, proudly releases its new video “Cooking With Neolith.” The video features a trio of Spanish chefs preparing three recipes on a countertop made of Neolith’s Artic White surface.

The video demonstrates the extraordinary technical features of Neolith including it’s resistance to scratching, wear, stains, UV rays, harsh household products, high and low temperatures and strong cleaning agents. It also points out how Neolith surfaces are 100 percent recyclable, environmentally friendly, non-absorbent, hygienic, plus features a 15-year warranty. 

Chefs chop, mix, and brûlée right on the surface with ingredients from raw meat and lime juice to ice cream and vinegar, showing how non-porous Neolith isn’t damaged by a kitchen’s everyday tasks and tools. Plus, after they’ve finished each dish, the chefs show how easily Neolith surfacing cleans up with ease. 

See the full video here.
What makes Neolith so durable? First, it’s made with natural raw materials, including clays, feldspar, silica, and mineral oxides (which create interesting color options.) Using advanced industrial technology the ingredients are put through a high-pressure, high-temperature kilning process, resulting in one of the most resilient surfaces available today. Even though it’s an extremely thin material, Neolith offers long life and unprecedented wear-ability for projects both inside and out.
Want to know more about this intriguing material? Visit one of our two New England area showrooms where you can see Neolith’s remarkable qualities for yourself.


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