Kitchen Cabinets: Optimize Organization

Kitchen Cabinets: Optimize Organization

April 28, 2015

Kitchens work hard. Cabinets and countertops are among the things we utilize on a daily basis. And with today’s kitchens functioning as the hub of the home, they’ve become a “catch-all” for countless household items. Organization can be tricky, and not just for small spaces. Even the largest kitchens require careful planning and organizing for optimal ergonomics and function.

A perfectly organized pullout spice rack in a cozy kitchen designed by Dream Kitchens. Photo by Scott Sherman via Houzz.

Countertops add elegance and simplicity, not to mention functionality, in the kitchen. (Thinking of natural stone? Here’s what you should Know Before You Buy.) But it can be argued that cabinets have the toughest job of all. It’s the cabinets that meet the tough task of corralling cutlery and storing saucepans. Remember…it’s what’s on the inside that counts! When you’re designing a new kitchen, be sure to take time to plan out what’s going to happen behind closed doors.

Just like we at Marble and Granite, Inc. offer countless choices for functional and beautiful countertops, many manufacturers offer a myriad of accessories designed to help control kitchen clutter and increase the internal function of cabinetry. Here are a few of the hottest organizing accessories for kitchen cabinets today:

Pullout Spice Racks
Is there anything worse than sorting through stacks of tiny spice containers when trying to find the dried parsley or paprika? Slim pullout spice racks, often tucked between the cabinets and cooktop, or in another area that usually ends up as dead space, make it easier than ever to season your culinary creations.

Drawer Liners
Provide a sanitary barrier for breads, produce, pasta, and more. They also help add luxury to a cabinet’s interiors.

Drawer Within a Drawer
Two-drawer combos provide extra space when it comes to storing items such as cutlery and cutting boards. Often, the top drawer slides back for easy access to the bottom drawer.

Deep drawers with pegboards are handy for stacking dishes, organizing pots and pans, or keeping lids in order. Since they’re adjustable, they let users arrange them whatever way they wish to curtail clutter.

Sliding and Corner Susans
Rolling storage shelves that pull out towards you help homeowners avoid climbing inside cave-like cabinets and digging around in the dark for the necessary tools. And lazy Susans in deep corner cabinets help put an efficient spin on dead corner spaces.

Wine Storage
The Wine Institute reports the highest-ever consumption of wine in America. So, it’s no surprise that wine storage has made its way into the mainstream. Stemware and bottle racks made of wood or stainless steel let homeowners tastefully display and safely store wine necessities.

Remember the best advice for an organized kitchen is… a place for everything and everything in its place. So, do your homework and be sure to incorporate organizational tools that will allow everything to fit together in the most efficient way possible.


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