Top Trend in Kitchen Cabinetry: Classic White

Top Trend in Kitchen Cabinetry: Classic White

April 02, 2015

Top design-inspiration website, Houzz, recently reported the findings of a reader survey on kitchen cabinet finishes and styles. Perhaps not surprisingly, white cabinets came out on top and Shaker is the style preferred by a majority of respondents. So, what does this mean for countertops and other kitchen surfacing choices? Read on…

First, let’s look at the complete findings. (Read the report here) Basically, 49-percent of those surveyed prefer white, taking it to the top of the list. At the bottom, a mere 6-percent select beige finishes. Only 1-percent more (7-percent) say Brown in their finish of choice, and 8-percent prefer Light wood. Grey, while a hot color for interiors, came in at only 10-percent. Darker and Medium woods factor in at 13-percent and 20-percent, respectively.


Honed black granite countertops paired with white cabinets by Duffy Design Group; photo via Houzz

As far as cabinet style goes, Shaker has long been the top door style for the kitchen. Shaker door styles blend perfectly with both classic and contemporary styles of décor, often making them the easiest choice. In the Houzz study, Shaker tops the list at 37-percent. Next comes Raised-panel at 22-percent, Glass-fronts at 21-percent, Flat-panel at 20% and Recessed-panel at 15-percent. As you can see, style choices are spread out a bit more evenly than color. 

What is it about white that makes it number-one? For one, it brings a light and airy feel to a space. Remodeling with white, especially when replacing a room previously filled with wood-toned cabinetry, feels like a breath of fresh air. It’s clean, wholesome, fresh, and above all versatile. White is the perfect blank canvas—which is where the countertops come in.


 Countertops with white cabinetry by Venegas and Company; photo via Houzz

White beautifully complements any color of the rainbow, but there are two looks we’re seeing above all others: monochromatic white on white and black/white combinations. White cabinetry paired with elegant white marble such as Calacatta and Bianco Carrara is a classic look that’s familiar and elegant. On the other hand, the dramatic contrast of white cabinetry with dark, or black, countertop material, such as Absolute Black Granite or Black Slate, oddly enough, offers the same combination of classic luxury. Both are exceptionally popular looks that never go out of style.

Of course, beige and brown stones, such as Colonial Cream granite or Crema Marfil Marble, beautifully complement white cabinets. And grey, such as Grey Soapstone, is a lovely pairing too.

While black and white countertops are the most common choices, whatever color you choose is sure to provide a great look while keeping the white cabinetry the star of the show. Indeed, with white cabinetry, the countertop options are literally endless! You are most welcome to view these beautiful stones in person in our showrooms in Westwood, MA and Milford, CT.



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