Marble Care: Easier Than You Think

Marble Care: Easier Than You Think

August 20, 2015

Calacatta_Vagli_install_pic_1_Passaretta_kitchen_by_HB_LLC Calacatta Vagli  marble (photo courtesy of HB LLC)

When it comes to marble, we get a lot of questions about maintenance. Many homeowners avoid marble– even though they love the look—because they’ve been told it’s hard to care for. Take it from our stone experts here at Marble & Granite, Inc., it’s easier than you think.

Still skeptical? Check out this recent article from Forbes magazine. They've asked some of the world’s foremost experts on marble maintenance, including the Marble Institute of America  how to keep marble clean and prevent it from staining and etching. Here are just a few examples of how to keep your marble looking great for a long, long time:  

• Clean up any spills as quickly as possible, especially those acidic substances like lemon juice, alcohol, or tomato sauce.

• Never use vinegar, lemon juice, bleach, bathroom cleaners, grout cleaners or tub and tile cleaners to clean a marble countertop.

• The best way to clean a marble countertop is with warm, sudsy water and a nonabrasive cloth or sponge.

• If you do end up with a stain, all hope is not lost. Oil-based stains from grease, cooking oil or cosmetics can clean with a gentle liquid cleanser or mineral spirits. Organic stains like coffee, fruit, or food call for a mixture of 12-percent hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of ammonia.

• To help treat stains and etching, try wetting the surface with water and sprinkling on a marble polishing powder. Rub it into the stone with a damp cloth or buffing pad (or a low-speed polisher.)

• For tough stains or etches, call a stone professional. They may be able to help.

• For marble floors, use a dust mop often and use only a stone soap or soapless cleaner. Always rinse with clean water and dry. Avoid vacuum cleaners with worn wheels, as they could scratch the surface.

• For marble in the bathroom, be sure your marble is properly sealed. Keep soap scum to a minimum by using a squeegee after each use. Avoid bleach. It will break down the shine.


For more tips on marble maintenance and to make an appointment to see the wide array of marble slabs and tiles we have in stock at Marble & Granite, Inc., call us at 877-39-STONE.


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