Absolutely Fabulous Black Granite

Absolutely Fabulous Black Granite

March 10, 2015

Sophisticated in appearance and versatile when it comes to design, Absolute Black granite is a popular choice for countertops. It’s available in a variety of different finishes and styles, including slab and tile options, making it an easy way to express your individual style. But when shopping for Absolute Black granite, it is important for you to do your homework and ensure you’re getting the quality of granite that you’re paying for. (Read on for information on the various classifications and more…)


Absolute Black countertop by Artisan Kitchens, LLC ; Photo via Houzz 

Though you probably think black is the exact opposite of white in every way, when it comes to countertops they actually have a very similar feel. When black or dark grey countertops are paired with white cabinets, the look is every bit as classic as pure white countertops. Whether glossy or in a textured matte finish, black countertops contrast beautifully with cool white interiors. The countertops become a striking focal point that’s dramatic, yet simple and clean all at the same time. Plus, both black and white never go out of style. 

Absolute Black granite countertops offer deep contrast with lighter cabinets. And the combination of light and dark provides a great backdrop for beautiful pops of color such as yellow, orange, or red.

While it’s beautiful when polished, Absolute Black granite looks particularly fabulous with a honed finish. Honing allows you to better see the subtle variations in the material, bringing out the most beauty the stone has to offer.

In fact, some homeowners are wary of Absolute Black granite because they fear it shows more dust, dirt, fingerprints and crumbs. Yes, the darker shade may make it easier to see, but in reality, the dust and crumbs are still there on other natural stone countertops. And they need to be cleaned and cared for just the same.

To be clear, it is important to note that just like any other natural stone, Absolute Black granite should be properly sealed to maximize its beauty and longevity.
Absolute Black granite countertops by DSA Architects ; Photo via Houzz
When you’re shopping for Absolute Black granite, be aware that there may be suppliers out there who try to pull the wool over the consumers’ eyes. Some have applied topical products such as diesel or even sophisticated resins to the material so that it looks black. Naturally, these applications wear away over time leaving you with nothing close to Absolute Black Granite. 

Here at Marble and Granite, Inc., we have three different classifications of black granite: Absolute Black granite, Absolute Black Premium and Absolute Black Super Premium. The difference is the amount of “black” in the material. In Absolute Black, you can see some white or grey speckles. These tend to diminish and then disappear as you move into the other classifications. Quality-wise, they are all sound stones. It’s the appearance that designates the various classifications.

It’s also important to consider where the granite comes from, as its quarry location plays a role in its overall looks. Black granites from India are the most popular, however there is a black granite from Zimbabwe that is slightly lighter, and another from China that comes in smaller slabs. Yet another style comes from Uruguay. This selection is very dark but only comes in very small blocks.

Black is a powerful color that can be very glamorous, yet practical at the same time. If you’re looking for a countertop that commands attention, consider Absolute Black Granite. Visit Marble and Granite, Inc. and we’ll show you the variations of colors, grains, and patterns when it comes to one of our favorite materials.


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