Do You Really Recommend Marble Flooring?

Do You Really Recommend Marble Flooring?

March 17, 2015

Q: We’re building a new home. We really love the elegant look of marble, and we want to put it in our foyer. But we’re rather concerned about the heavy foot traffic. We’ve read so much conflicting advice about marble flooring. Can you help set us straight? Should we be worried or should we just go for it?

A: Go for it! Absolutely, go for it. I understand your hesitation, but the fact that you’re taking the time to ask this question lets me know that you’ve spent a lot of time doing your homework. And if you care enough to research, you’ll care enough to properly care for your marble. You’ve no doubt read some of the online horror stories, but rest assured…when you know how to properly maintain marble, it can be an enriching, elegant addition to your home that you’ll never regret.


Marble foyer by Austin Patterson Disston Architects, Bridgeport, CT; Photo via Houzz

Some avoid marble because they hear it’s hard to keep “looking nice” or they think it’s too expensive. But marble is actually a versatile and durable material. Think about it. It’s been used for centuries! This means it’s also timeless. So while it may cost more than some other options you have, rest assured your marble floor will long outlive you—if you let it. It does take some care, but this can be far outweighed by the sheer elegance it offers. 

When it’s first installed, your marble floor will need a protective sealant. Your natural stone supplier can recommend the best product for the particular marble you’ve selected. You will likely need to reapply this sealant every year, at the very least. But fear not…it’s actually a very easy process. There are many products available that need only be applied and left to dry. (Yes, you can do it yourself!)

Cleaning will be very important for your marble floor. The best way to keep marble clean is to remove dirt, grit, and other materials as often as possible. With your marble being in your entryway, this will be of particular importance. Grime and dirt left on the marble can cause minute scratches on the surface of the marble, which may become noticeable over time. So clean the surface with a damp cloth, soft broom, or non-abrasive vacuum as regularly as possible. Wipe up any spills immediately and avoid harsh cleaning chemicals. Never use bleach, vinegar, or acidic-based cleaners on your marble, as they will degrade the surface over time.

You’ll want to mop your marble floor with water as often as necessary to keep grime and dirt at bay, and then quickly and thoroughly dry it. Just as important as cleaning frequency is the cleaning agent used. Never use chemicals on your marble floor. Harsh cleaners or acidic substances will damage it. Use only hot or warm water and a specially formulated stone floor cleaner. (Again, your supplier can recommend the best product for your marble). Mild soap won’t actually harm the stone, but if you use it consistently, it may lead to a dull “soap scum” like film over the surface. It may go without saying, but it’s very important…do not use bathroom tub and tile or grout cleaners on your marble. The abrasives in these agents will wreak havoc on delicate marble. The safest way is to use a professional cleaner specifically made for marble.

To keep the marble in your foyer looking great for a long time to come and cut down on grime, place a non-slip mat outside the door for visitors to wipe their feet. On the inside, be sure to place a small carpet or area rug to capture any remaining debris.

Marble is definitely beautiful. And like many beauties, it requires diligent care. But follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to having a beautiful marble floor that will last for decades. You are welcome to visit our showrooms to view these wonderful colors in person.


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