Basic Black: Does black work as a countertop color?

Basic Black: Does black work as a countertop color?

May 19, 2015

Q: I’m shopping for countertops for my kitchen remodel. I like the look of black (especially with the white cabinetry we’ve selected) in kitchen design. But my friend said I’m making a mistake. She says black countertops will make my kitchen feel dark and heavy, plus it will be impossible for me to keep them clean. I see black in all of the magazines and online. They look so sleek! Surely they’re not all just for show?

A: You’re right. Though some might think that black countertops are the exact opposite of white, they actually offer a very similar feel. Black looks every bit as classic as white does in the kitchen. And it’s an extremely versatile color. Black offers a striking focal point that’s dramatic, yet simple and clean. Whether glossy or in a textured matte finish, black offers beautiful contrast—especially with your new white kitchen cabinets.

As for cleaning, all things being equal (comparing granite to granite and marble to marble…) black countertops don’t require any more maintenance than any other color. Now, that being said, talk with anybody who owns a black car and they’ll tell you that it can require a little extra elbow grease to remove dust and fingerprints. It’s not that black attracts more dirt. It’s just that dirt and fingerprints can blend into other colors, such as white or beige. They’re still there. They just may not be as easy to see. At least, on a black countertop, you’ll see what needs to be cleaned. If you love the look, you won’t mind the extra wiping.


Black countertops beautifully contrast with white cabinetry in this Cape Cod style farmhouse remodel by Howell Custom Building Group. Photo via Houzz.

To be clear, the amount of maintenance your black kitchen countertop will require depends solely on the material you’ve selected. If you go the natural stone route, you’ll need to make sure that your surfaces are properly sealed to maximize their beauty and longevity. 

Have you thought about which material you’ll use?

Granite is a very popular choice when it comes to black kitchen countertops. Many of the darker granites are extra dense and less likely to absorb stains. Black granite works well with both traditional and contemporary styles and offers great contrast with lighter cabinets, as mentioned above. Plus, the combination of black and white provides a great backdrop for pops of color such as yellow, orange, red, lime, and more.


Our newly obtained Saint Henry Black Granite comes in both brushed and polished; photo via Marble and Granite, Inc.

We’ve recently obtained a quantity of Saint Henry Black Granite from Quebec. Made from a mysterious mix of dark shades with black undertones intermingling within a textured mineral structure, the slabs contain light-reflecting metallic flecks that are outlined by thin silvery veins. The monochromatic, medium-grained granite features an interesting crystalline composition and that’s also very strong. We have them in both polished and brushed finishes.

Our opinion? Black (and white) kitchen countertops never go out of style. Black is a powerful color that can be very glamorous, yet practical at the same time. Come in to one of our New England area showrooms and check out our slabs of Saint Henry Black Granite. We’re also happy to show you any other styles of material, from ColorQuartz and quartzite to marble and ultra-slim Neolith.


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