Fabricators: The True Artists

Fabricators: The True Artists

May 26, 2015

Stone begins its life as simple rock inside the earth. The quarries are important. Without them, we’d have no stone to offer. Distributors are important. Without them, it would be nearly impossible to obtain granite or marble for your kitchen and bath countertops. But it’s the fabricators who are the true artists. They are, after all, the ones who take an ordinary slab of stone and turn it into a beautiful, functional surface. Often, these materials look more like sculpture than something that was quarried out of the mountain.

Made of ultra-compact Neolith surfacing, this striking central island is one of many masterpieces on display at TBR Marble & Granite in Foxboro, MA. 

Many of the stone shops that we work with have beautiful showrooms where they proudly display their workmanship and materials they offer. One of our “partners in stone,” TBR Marble & Granite in Foxboro, MA is one such shop. They take the materials that we supply, from marble and granite to quartz and Neolith and craft it into masterpieces such as the innovative island shown above made of ultra-slim Neolith in Gris Pulpis

Another view of the Neolith island designed by TBR Marble & Granite, Inc. and found on display in their showroom. 

One of the area’s leading fabricators and installers of marble, granite and solid quartz surfaces, TBR Marble & Granite has been providing high quality surfaces since 1985. The company sells wholesale through a network of kitchen dealers, architects, builders, and interior designers. Their 9,200 square-foot space includes a state-of-the-art fabrication facility and the staff includes 14 employees led by a highly experienced management team and two crews of top-notch field technicians. 


A stunning vanity with Super White Quartzite sink and countertop by TBR Marble & Granite, Inc. 

Just as we do at Marble and Granite, Inc., TBR Marble & Granite searches for the best materials available to ensure the highest quality product and customer satisfaction. We proudly recommend them for your projects in and around the Foxboro area. Looking for a fabricator outside of New England? Check out our website for a list of the top fabricators across the nation.


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