Nordstrom Meets Neolith

Nordstrom Meets Neolith

May 21, 2015

When thinking of the Nordstrom brand, one thinks of high-end style, the latest fashions, and impeccable customer service. But now one might also think of ultra-compact and versatile Neolith surfacing.

This location started out as an outdated Sears store. Using Neolith, Seattle-based Callison, the number-one retail design firm in the world (designer of more than 150 new and remodeled Nordstrom stores in North America) transformed the space into a sophisticated Nordstrom anchor store, located in an extremely high-traffic retail destination in Ontario, Canada.


Ultra-compact Neolith surfacing helped breathe new life into an outdated department store, turning it into an upscale retail destination. 

Using Neolith in 6mm thickness and in panel sizes of 6-inch, 12-inch and 18-inch wide panels in 5- and 10-foot lengths, the design firm completely revamped the interior storefront, exterior façade, and interior store walls. The completed design features flat panels in a bright, gleaming white, with subtle polished accents. And since it’s made with Neolith, the material won’t stain, fade, or discolor over time—even over the harsh Canadian winters. 

Since weather was a key concern, this was one of the main reasons Neolith was selected for the project. Many compact materials aren’t able to withstand the expansion and extreme fluctuations in temperature. Neolith’s unique manufacturing process uses high pressure and temperature to create a non-porous surface and enables it to withstand changes from cold to hot to cold again.

Neolith, used in white, tan, and grey polished and satin finishes, gives horizontal movement to the façade while offering the durability needed for the harsh Canadian winters. 

Neolith’s panel system also means no grout lines, which was also important in the decision to go with Neolith. Grout seams can show dirt and discolor over time. Plus, the structure has several sharp angles and edges. Neolith allowed for seamless L-shaped pieces for cladding the outside corners. The result is an effortlessly seamless appearance. 

Another major design concern was having options in color and pattern. Since Neolith offers variety of colors and four finishes, the design team had a vast amount of freedom to get the look just right. They chose to use mostly bright white (Arctic White) in Satin finish as the base and accented that with scattered panels of tan and grey (Barro, Perla, and Arena) in both Satin and Polished finishes. The combination of sizes and colors gives a clean, smooth look with horizontal movement, all while beautifully contrasting with the concrete and stone buildings that surround it.

Recognized for its incredible durability and resistance to scratching, fading, staining and temperatures, Neolith made this dramatic revamp a work of art.

Considering Neolith for your next project? Visit either of our two New England showrooms where you can experience this unique and versatile material for yourself.


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