Is Crystaline Stone Really "Real" Stone?

Is Crystaline Stone Really "Real" Stone?

October 22, 2015


Crystaline Stone comes in such amazing colors that many customers wonder if it’s “real.” (Photo courtesy of Crystaline Stone.)

Q: We’re in the midst of a remodel and we’re looking for a unique fireplace surround. We’re big fans of bold color and our designer suggested Crystaline Stone. The photos are stunning. But the colors are so bright and vibrant! We’ve never seen real stone in these colors before. Is this surface actually really and truly stone? We’re wondering how colors so dazzling could come from nature.


 Crystaline Stone comes in such amazing colors that many customers wonder if it’s “real.” (Photo courtesy of Crystaline Stone.)

A: First, the simple answer to your question is: Yes! Crystaline Stone is 100-percent actual, real stone. It’s fabricated just the way marble or granite  would be for a countertop, or yes, even a fireplace surround. But, the coloring process of the stone isn’t from Mother Nature. Rather, it is the result of some pretty cool technology involving molecular fusion.

Here’s more… Through a process called Inter-Crystaline Technological Coloring, the manufacturers use exceptionally high temperatures and pressure, combined with specially developed sealants and pigments, to molecularly fuse bold, permanent color throughout the stone. So, the vivid coloring that you see can be found throughout the entire slab of stone, not just “painted” on the top. What makes it even more interesting is that the color is permanent and it won’t fade over time. The company is so confident about the color quality that they offer a lifetime warranty on the color.


Come by one of our Marble & Granite, Inc. locations to see our amazing selection of Crystaline Stone. (Photo courtesy of Crystaline Stone.)

What results after the process is a highly durable material with the same properties and characteristics as the original natural stone—if not better. The new surface becomes hydro-oil repellant and easier to clean than natural stones like marble  and granite. Crystaline Stone uses the same care and maintenance products as natural stone. We recommend cleaning with a neutral soap, soft cloth, and water. (Abrasive or corrosive cleaning materials like scouring powder and bleach should be avoided, just like with marble or granite.)

The exotic look of Crystaline Stone can be even further enhanced through lighting techniques, such as backlighting for example. When the light filters through, it dances off of the dazzling color to give off an exceptionally unique effect.

If you’re looking for something completely unique, and you’re a fan of bold color, you may want to take your designer’s advice and look into Crystaline Stone. At Marble & Granite, Inc., we can help you take your imagination- and your design- to the next level. Stop by one of our two showrooms to see the uniquely colored Crystaline Stone  slabs we have in stock. We can even help you customize a color, if you’re looking to be truly one-of-a-kind.


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