The Many Uses of Neolith: Furniture

The Many Uses of Neolith: Furniture

September 03, 2015

Ultra slim Neolith surfacing is an excellent material for kitchen and bath countertops. But its uses don’t stop there. It’s also great for flooring, cabinet faces, interior wall cladding, exterior facades and…believe it or not…even furniture.

Even though Neolith is an “engineered” surface, it’s made from all-natural materials including clay, feldspar, silica, and mineral oxide. The high-tech manufacturing process creates a revolutionary material that’s virtually “bulletproof.” For example, Neolith is…

• Lightweight

• Resistant to scratches

• Waterproof

• Resistant to high temperatures

• Hygienic

• Easy to clean

• Freeze and thaw resistant

• UV resistant

• Resistant to high traffic

• 100% natural and recyclable

The attributes that make Neolith so appealing as a countertop surfacing choice are the very same traits that make it great for use in furniture construction. Since Neolith is available in exceptionally large sheets, it can be seamlessly used to cover large surfaces such as long tabletops. Plus, since Neolith is so thin, it can easily be placed over existing surfaces to update existing furniture for a new look.


Tables made from Estatuario (silk finish) from the Classtone Collection of Neolith. Photo courtesy of Neolith.

Neolith offers architects and designers a truly versatile product and the wide array of colors and finishes available lets them create completely customized furnishings for residential, commercial, or hospitality use. A great example is the Neolith media center shown below. The large slab size of Neolith allows for oversized storage drawers and cabinets. The variety of patterns, including smooth and wood-like patterns, plus options between satin and silk finishes, let anything made with Neolith be truly personalized.


Media center featuring Neolith in Lava (satin finish) from the Fusion collection and Arctic White (satin finish) from the Colorfeel Collection. Photo courtesy of Neolith.

Want to learn more about Neolith and the remarkable traits that make it the “super hero” of surfacing material? Call us at 877-39-STONE to make an appointment, or visit either one of our two New England area showrooms. As one of the largest retailers of Neolith  on the east coast, we’d be happy to show you our complete inventory. 


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