HGTV's "Property Brothers" Give Nod to Neolith and Quartz

HGTV's "Property Brothers" Give Nod to Neolith and Quartz

April 27, 2016


In a recent Boston Globe piece, Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott recommend both Neolith and Quartz for durable choices when renovating. Photo courtesy of HGTV

In a recent Boston Globe article, the hosts of HGTV’s Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott, recommended two of our favorite surfaces as a renovation “do”: Neolith and quartz.

On the show, the twin brothers aim to help couples find, buy, and transform extreme fixer-uppers into dream homes. The article is an excerpt from their latest book, “Dream Home,” in which they reveal which renovations “do” give you the best return on investment and the most enjoyment and functionality in the home and which “don’t.” In the article, they recommend that homeowners “do” select durable surfaces. They say:

“We love materials like quartz and Neolith for durability and no maintenance, but other products add beauty and value, too, like marble and granite — they just need more maintenance. Try to avoid materials that scratch too easily, because you’ll shed a single tear when you scuff them up within the first week. Solid-surface flooring takes many forms as well. Take your pick of tile, hardwood, single-board laminate, or vinyl plank; most people prefer an easy-to-care-for floor to high-maintenance, allergen-collecting wall-to-wall carpet.”

Here at Marble & Granite, Inc. we love Neolith not only because it’s virtually bullet-proof (It’s resistant to scratching, stains, changes in temperature and moisture, high traffic, chemicals, and even ultra violet rays,) but also because Neolith comes in extremely thin sheets and can be overlaid right on top of old countertop or cabinet material for a pretty quick and easy update.

As for quartz, ColorQuartz is the brand we’re partial to and that we offer at Marble & Granite, Inc.  What we love about ColorQuartz is, of course, it’s durability (it’s heat, scratch, and stain resistant and doesn’t require sealing), but also its versatility and quality. ColorQuartz offers a broad array of colors and patterns, plus the company is on the forefront of the quartz surface manufacturing industry. They place an incredible emphasis on quality throughout the production process and stand by their product with both residential and commercial warranties.

Check out more about Neolith and ColorQuartz on our website and feel free to come by one of our two showroom locations for a hands-on experience with ColorQuartz and Neolith.


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