Space-Aged Shower

Space-Aged Shower

January 06, 2016


Blue Planet Marble from Crystaline Stone. Photo courtesy of Crystaline Stone.

Imagine taking off into space every time you take a shower! With Crystaline Stone, the unimaginable is possible! The shower shown here is a material called Blue Planet Marble. And as the name describes, it looks very much as if you’re peering down on the earth, watching the big blue ball float on by. The patterns and colors resemble the Earth’s topography while the surface’s strength and durability make it a great choice for the shower.

If you’re looking for a unique surfacing material for your next countertop, fireplace surround, walls, floor, shelving unit, and more, we suggest vibrant and bold Crystaline Stone.

One hundred percent real stone, Crystaline Stone is created with molecular fusion technology. Through a process called Inter-Crystaline Technological Coloring, the company uses extremely high temperatures and pressure, combined with specially developed sealants and pigments to molecularly fuse bold, permanent color to the stone. The brilliant colors that you see aren’t merely painted on. They’re actually infused into the material, making the color consistent throughout.

The coloring process even makes the already durable natural stone that much stronger, making it hydro-oil repellant and easier to clean than granite or marble. While filled with brilliant color, the original veins and textures remain, making Crystaline Stone unlike any synthetic resonated or dyed material. 

Crystaline Stone uses the same care and maintenance products as natural stone. We recommend cleaning with a neutral soap, soft cloth, and water. (Abrasive or corrosive cleaning materials like scouring powder and bleach should be avoided, just like with marble or granite.)

The exotic look of this exotic surfacing can be even further enhanced through the use of various lighting schemes. The unique attributes of each piece of Crystaline Stone shine through as the light reflects off of the material giving off an exceptionally unique effect.

Whether you’re looking for a unique shower experience or a one-of-a-kind countertop design, Marble and Granite, Inc. can help you select the natural stone or surfacing material that best reflects your individuality. Come by to browse our selection of Crystaline Stone as well as beautiful and unique slabs of marble and granite. Give us a call at 877-39-STONE and let our natural stone professionals help you select the perfect material for your next masterpiece.


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