Crystaline Stone Gets White Right

Crystaline Stone Gets White Right

March 03, 2016


Kitchen featuring Special White Onyx Crystaline Stone. Photo courtesy of Crystaline Stone 

Although one of the reasons we love Crystaline Stone is that it’s available in a rainbow of bold colors, the company’s white selections are equally striking. We tout the product for being an exotic surface that makes a big impact, but even when it’s in a shade that’s a bit more neutral—like today’s most popular neutral, white—it’s every bit as reliable and attractive. Crystaline Stone offers the best qualities of natural stone, and then some.

Crystaline Stone begins as a regular slab of one-hundred-percent real, natural stone—typically marble  or onyx. Through a process called Inter-Crystaline Technological Coloring, manufacturers use exceptionally high temperatures and pressure, combined with specially developed sealants and pigments, to molecularly fuse permanent color throughout the stone. The result of the process is a highly durable material with all of the same wonderful properties and characteristics of the natural stone, only turned up a notch.

Since it’s far less porous than standard marble or granite, Crystaline Stone does a better job of repelling oils and liquid. It’s also easier to clean than it was before the manufacturing process. When dealing with a white countertop surface, these traits are very desirable. A lot of customers love the look of a crisp white countertop, but don’t want to risk staining. Though granite is still the most popular countertop material, and white granites are very beautiful, Crystaline Stone can offer a bit more peace of mind. This goes double for marble, which tends to stain a bit easier than granite since it’s softer and more porous than granite. 


Ice White Crystaline Onyx 

Crystaline Stone requires the same basic care and maintenance as natural stone. Simply clean it with a neutral soap, soft cloth, and water to keep it looking new.

To give a white Crystaline Stone countertop even more personality, it can be paired with backlighting for even more impact and drama. When the light filters through, it dances off the dazzling white surface, giving off an exceptionally dazzling effect.

Like any Crystaline Stone surface, the white slabs won’t fade over time. Rather than just painted on top, the color goes the entire way through the slab and is guaranteed to last.

If you’re looking for the crisp look of a white countertop in the kitchen or bath, come by one of our two New England showroom locations and ask our experienced stone professionals about Crystaline Stone. We’ll be happy to show you your options and help bring your next project to life.


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