The Return of the Wet Bar

The Return of the Wet Bar

May 20, 2016



This stunning wet bar created by United Marble Fabricators and designed by builders Adams & Beasley Associates, is the highlight of a two-story living room in Boston’s Back Bay. 


In the past, mentioning a wet bar brought to mind visions of a tiny stainless sink flanked by heavy 1980s style mirrors. But today’s modern wet bar is so much more than just a space to mix a martini or decant a bottle of Bordeaux. We’re seeing more wet bars in remodels and new constructions, and the coolest contemporary incarnations use unique materials to make creative focal points.

Here’s a stunning example of a wet bar design that showcases the translucent qualities of stone. This wet bar by United Marble Fabricators and designed by Lewis Interiors and Adams & Beasley Associates features Honey Onyx Marble from Marble & Granite, Inc. 

The highlight of a two-story living room on Boston’s Back Bay, the project received an Award of Excellence from the Marble Institute of America last year. Even though the penthouse apartment it’s housed in offers stunning views of Boston Common, it’s the meticulously designed, backlit wet bar that gets all of the attention! Behind the full height Honey Onyx backsplash are LED panels, which illuminate the entire surface without any “hot spots.” Floating shelves appear to glow as they hover, uninterrupted by moldings or other materials.

Whether its in the basement, living room, dining room, theatre room or any living area in the home, a wet bar is one more element in the home that lets you reflect your unique sense of style. And today’s modern wet bars include everything from temperature controlled wine storage and beer dispensers to touchless faucets and high-tech ice makers (what’s a “sonic ice maker” anyhow?) Of course, the design depends on the amount of space you have available. But even the tightest corner can make for an amazing wet bar if you use the right materials.

Here at Marble & Granite, Inc., we can show you the most unique materials available for your wet bar. Our two New England showrooms feature one-of-a-kind natural stone slabs, sleek ColorQuartz, ultra compact Neolith surfacing, exotic Crystaline Stone, and many other eye-catching surfacing options. Our team of professionals would be happy to show you the latest materials that will turn your wet bar into the life of the party!


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