Top Ten Tile Tips for Beautiful Backsplashes

Top Ten Tile Tips for Beautiful Backsplashes

September 01, 2016



By varying the direction of rectangular tiles and going vertical with accent tile “stripes,” Divine Design + Build created a beautiful backsplash focal point. Photo via Houzz

Looking to make a splash with your backsplash? Subtle nuances in color, pattern, texture, and finish can make a dramatic design statement and transform the backsplash into a room’s focal point. Mixing and matching tile shapes, colors, textures, and finishes breathes life into surfaces that can be otherwise boring. Help your clients express their unique sense of style in the kitchen or bath by creating a personal mixture just for them.

Both designers and manufacturers have gotten creative by combining shiny metal and rustic wood, varying matte and glossy glass tiles, or even creating different patterns and shapes with natural stone. Tile backsplash trends today involve more risk-taking. And when it’s done the right way it really pays off. Though the possibilities are endless, here are some tips on combining color, texture, shape, materials, and finishes to get just the right balance for your next project:

• Mix some polished pieces into a primarily matte tile design. They will catch the light and amp up visual interest. Since you can control the gloss to matte ratio, you can keep it subtle or make it more dramatic.

• Focus on balance and scale. Mix small statement tiles with larger plain tiles so the statement tile will really “pop.”

• Keep statement tiles confined to the backsplash or another small area rather than across the entire room. The visual effect will be more powerful.

• Experiment with grout lines. Rather than blending it, let it play into the pattern.

• Play with color, but set limits. Use only a few colors to minimize competition between various shades.

• When working with color variations, be sure the colors you choose match in undertone. Mix only cool with cool and warm with warm, otherwise the colors will clash.

• Highlight a color found in the countertop veining. Choose tiles in the same shade and work those in as statement tiles.

• Establish a hierarchy. Choose one element that will clearly dominate and add in another just for effect.

• When using stone, try pairing rough edges with sleek edges of the same type of stone. This adds a sense of depth and dimension.

• Experiment with patterns. Try checkerboards, herringbone, chevron, or whatever your imagination inspires.

Don’t be afraid to go bold! If you love color and contrast, showcase your favorite shades and don’t hold back. Make a statement!

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