The Darker Side of Soapstone

The Darker Side of Soapstone

April 27, 2017

Whether left to develop a patina naturally or given a boost with oil or wax, darker shades of soapstone are a beautiful, yet durable, countertop choice. Kitchen designed by Artisan Kitchens Inc. designer Amy Britton, CKD.

Soapstone is a gorgeous natural surface. When left as-is, it’s a light gray slate-like shade. And while soapstone will gradually darken over time, some prefer to have the darker look straight out of the starting gate. By adding oil or wax, the result is a shiny onyx-hued black with a bit more richness. 
Another reason that designers and homeowners choose to use waxes and oils to create the richer dark hue is that when it’s left to darken on its own, it will do so unevenly. As you might expect, areas around the sink or cooktop—areas that see the most use—will darken faster. Though some do favor a more rustic look and prefer this method, oiling will give you that deep color and help the veining inside the soapstone slab really pop. You may need to re-apply the oil as it lightens over time. 
If oiling doesn’t produce your desired look, waxing the soapstone can help the rich color turn dark, and stay dark. In their From the Bedrock blog, Polycor recently outlined the four steps necessary to achieve a dark onyx hue on Alberene Soapstone, which has a green tonality to it, using their Alberene Dry Wax. You can check out the blog in its entirety here.

 Designer Anissa Zajac used Polycor’s Alberene Dry Wax to help her soapstone countertops turn dark, and stay dark. (Polycor’s Bedrock Blog:)

But basically, the process boils down like this: 4 Steps to Enhancing Soapstone With Wax
1. Start with a clean surface and apply wax with a towel
Use mild dish soap and water to clean then apply the wax by rubbing it into the stone with a dry towel, or even your hands. You will instantly see the difference between the treated and untreated look. 

2. Watch the veining pop!
Enhanced soapstone has a signature look that’s rich in color and contrast. The finished application of wax also produces a subtle satin luster. 

3. Let the wax rest
Allow the wax to sit on the soapstone for 30 minutes before wiping it off, or even leave it on overnight. 

4. Reapply to suit your look

Alberene Soapstone wax can be applied as frequently as needed depending on the shade of black that you desire. You may wish to apply the wax weekly in the beginning to make the soapstone darken faster than normal. After several back-to-back applications, it will remain dark for a long time - the more you wax it, the darker it becomes and the longer the color stays. 
If you’re looking for a durable countertop surface, you may wish to consider Soapstone. Whether its left au naturelle, oiled, or waxed, it’s a non-porous surface that will stand up to whatever you can dish out on the kitchen. Plus, it’s heat proof! Visit us at Marble & Granite, Inc. to see the varieties of Soapstone we have in stock. Give us a call at 877-39-STONE 


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