ColorQuartz Makes White-on-White Just Right

ColorQuartz Makes White-on-White Just Right

March 09, 2017

Colorquartz in Calacatta Novus tops a fresh, modern white-on-white kitchen by Metropolitan Cabinets & Countertops Stone Specialist Bridget O’Neil. 

Did you know that white is the most popular kitchen cabinet finish specified today? The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) says that they expect various shades of white to dominate cabinetry color palettes for some time to come. And while white cabinetry paired with white countertops may sound like white overkill, in reality the combination is simple, clean, comfortable, welcoming, and even timeless. 

If you’ve previously avoided white countertops because of the maintenance required or the fear of stains and dirt/grime showing up, ColorQuartz helps to alleviate those concerns. Made of 93-percent ground natural quartz, ColorQuartz is highly resistant to stains. It’s non-porous so liquids, oils, and acids won’t harm the surface. Plus, it won’t harbor harmful bacteria since nothing can penetrate the surface. 

In ColorQuartz, the ground quartz particles are mixed in with polymer resin and pigments to create a product that’s extremely strong. Besides resisting stains, ColorQuartz is also highly resistant to scratching and chipping as well. 

Here is a beautiful example of white on white. This recent remodel by Metropolitan Cabinets & Countertops, our colleagues just down the street from us here at Marble & Granite, Inc. 

Dramatic kitchen makeover by Metropolitan Cabinets and Countertops featuring Calacatta Novus ColorQuartz .  

Here, the white cabinetry feels bright and light. It provides a wholesome blank canvas on which the homeowners can add their own unique flair. Since white complements any color of the rainbow, white is especially great for those who like to switch up accent colors every now and then. White is also a beautiful complement to stainless steel appliances and can make smaller spaces feel more expansive. It’s a great choice for rooms with a smaller footprint. 

The ColorQuartz that Metropolitan Cabinets & Countertops chose is Calacatta Novus. It mimics the look of natural stone, yet offers all the convenience and ease of quartz. If you’re interested in white quartz countertops, here are some other ColorQuartz recommendations that you’ll find in our showrooms: 

Bianco Carrara

Statuario Venato 

Statuario Fantastico 


You can read more about the fresh and modern kitchen makeover by Metropolitan Cabinets & Countertops at 

And feel free to reach any of our stone experts here at Marble & Granite, Inc. with your specific questions about ColorQuartz or even any general questions about surfacing and countertops. 877-39-STONE 


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