Hot Trends are Steaming Up the Bath

Hot Trends are Steaming Up the Bath

March 31, 2017

Tiny mosaic tiles in natural shades create a strong sense of texture while larger format tiles, opposite, provide contrast.  Photo courtesy of Melissa Miranda Interior Design 

Hot Trends are Steaming Up the Bath 

Second only to the kitchen, the bathroom is a major focal point when it comes to remodels. While today’s ideal bathroom design is a matter of personal taste, there are many elements that are trending when it comes to color, style, surfacing, and materials. Here’s a look at some of the most popular ways homeowners are personalizing their bathrooms, creating a spot to relax, reflect, and unwind. 

Fun Texture
Clean lines rule today’s most favored bathroom designs. Designers and homeowners alike tend to lean towards seamless and practical designs that put function above all else. Yet everyone desires a touch of unique personality. We’re seeing a lot of that in the form of more colorful and texturized surfacing and materials. While minimalism is the dominant ideal, there is still a lot more pattern and color incorporated into today’s bath. Playful combinations of materials and patterns help to add interest. A little bit of pattern has a way of making a very big statement. For example, three-dimensional tiles are enjoying a moment right now with funky geometric and organic shapes adding a bit of drama. Classic hexagonal shapes are being incorporated in sizes form small mosaics to larger and bolder patterns. Herringbone patterns are also very popular right now, especially when formed from classic subway tiles. It’s a classic look with a bit of a modern “kick.” 

Color Rules
When it comes to color, crisp spa-like white dominates the bath. Shades of gray are a close second with beige and bone next in line. But, no matter which color scheme is used, monochromatic design is trending. The look is clean, simple, and elegant with the occasional colorful accent. Bold pops of lime green, yellow, orange, or even navy keep the look clean while reflecting just a hint of personality. 

Bigger Is Better
Where tile is concerned, it’s time to think big. Mosaics and slender tiles are falling by the wayside as large, oversized tiles take over. Already popular in Europe, designers say this will be a key trend in 2017. Our 59"x59" Neolith tiles are a perfect fit to achieve this look.  Whether used for walls, floors, showers, or countertops, large tiles help create the illusion of a seamless surface. Fewer grout lines mean a smoother look to the eye. Plus, it makes cleaning a lot easier. 

Go Natural
The bathroom is a sanctuary. And the elements found in nature tend to bring a sense of calm and peace. So, it stands to reason that natural elements such as wood and stone would prevail in the bath. We’re seeing an increase in these elements, but not just on the floors and walls. You’ll find sinks carved from river rock and vanities made of reclaimed wood. Natural stone feature walls help bring the outdoors in and these natural materials offer a wonderful contrast with the other manmade materials in the bathroom. Organic elements help to create visual and tactile texture and create a sense of warmth. Plus, since no two items are ever exactly the same, they create an exciting sense of uniqueness. 

If you’re in the market for some unique surfacing options, Marble & Granite, Inc.  can help. Come visit one of our two New England showroom locations  where we’ll show you an array of stone and tile choices from beautiful natural granite and marble to durable and cutting-edge quartz. We have plenty of tile options whether you’re looking for large format tiles or tiny mosaics. Give us a call at 877-39-STONE. 


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