Make a Splash: Ten Tips for Choosing a Backsplash

Make a Splash: Ten Tips for Choosing a Backsplash

March 17, 2017

Dramatic marble backsplash by Melissa Miranda Interior Design

The kitchen backsplash has a very important job. It must stand up to daily splattering of sauces and cooking oils. The backsplash has to be easy to clean, and on top of all that, it has to look good. 

Whether it’s just a sliver of space between the cooktop and range hood or whether it spans the entire kitchen wall, the backsplash can make a big design statement. Since it’s far easier to update a backsplash than it is to replace an entire room of cabinetry—or even the countertops—don’t be afraid to have a little fun and really express your personal style. 

Tile is the most commonly specified backsplash material, but the selection of colors, patterns, and textures available makes the choices practically endless. If you’re working on a kitchen remodel that includes a new backsplash, here are our top ten tips for selecting a beautiful and functional material for your backsplash: 

1. Using one material for the countertop and backsplash can help to unify a design, creating a monolithic look and allowing other elements of the kitchen to really pop. 
Silk Georgette marble would make a stunning pair with this Silk Georgette countertop slab. 

2. Expanding a backsplash to the ceiling, or even the floor, can create a dramatic kitchen backdrop. Check out the gorgeous marble backsplash above by Melissa Miranda Design. 

3. While color is interesting, never underestimate the beauty of simple white tiles. It’s a timeless choice that keeps a kitchen looking bright, clean, and contemporary. 
Imperial Danby marble tile

4. Speaking of subway tiles, while there’s no denying the allure of classic white, shake it up a bit with a dramatic shade of onyx, navy, canary, or even carrot. 

5. For an added sense of fun, pair stainless steel countertops or sleek Italian cabinetry with colorful Moroccan tiles in a graphic pattern and a cool palette for contrast.  

6. Pebbles or river stone can add a natural sense of Zen to the kitchen. They can be stacked horizontally or you can install them flat for a natural, earthy feel. 

7.  Mirrored tiles can be a dazzling solution that will open up a small space or help add an element of depth to a tighter kitchen. 

8. Go big. Using a larger tile size on the backsplash can create a unique look, especially if you’re using a common material like natural stone. 

9.  Go small. In contrast, using a tile size that’s much smaller than normal creates an interesting sense of texture. 
Basilica mosaic marble tiles

10.  If you’re using natural stone, try adding a chiseled or rounded edge to give extra dimension. 
Aquiles mosaic marble tiles 

There are, quite literally, no limits when it comes to the backsplash. Have a little fun and choose something that’s genuinely you. Want to explore some options in person? Visit one of our Marble & Granite, Inc.  locations in Milford, CT or Westwood, MA where our certified experts can educate you on anything you need to know. Check out our vast stock of tile and maybe even leave with some samples. Give us a call at 877-39-STONE. 



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