Creating a Sleek and Modern Fireplace Surround

Creating a Sleek and Modern Fireplace Surround

October 18, 2017

 Since it can be applied right over any old material, Neolith would be a great solution for giving a double brick fireplace a modern makeover. 

Q: We’re doing a full downstairs remodel, including our living room, dining room, and kitchen. We have a two-sided fireplace that sits between the dining and living rooms. It’s currently brick, but we’d love to glam up the space a little. We’re putting in a sleek new European styled kitchen, so we’d like to carry that vibe through the rest of the lower level. Any ideas?  

A: Whether we’re talking classic or modern, the possibilities for fireplace surrounds are virtually endless. Marble, granite, soapstone, slate, and Neolith are some of the most popular materials And another material you might not immediately think of when you’re thinking of fireplace surrounds, ColorQuartz is an excellent heat-resistant material to consider. Here’s a little bit more about what makes each of these materials so desirable for the hearth. 

Depending on the color marble used, marble fireplace surrounds can add a sense of cool modernity or natural warmth. Marble offers a very finished, often formal look, but it also conveys a sense of timeless luxury. 


Popular for many of the same reasons as marble, granite is versatile, distinctive, and beautiful. Just like marble, every granite slab is one-of-a-kind. There are an infinite number of colors and patterns to choose from, none of which will ever be duplicated in nature. With unique veins, swirls, and specs in each slab, you can find a piece to fit the modern aesthetic you’re looking for.  

Soapstone and Slate

Soapstone and slate have become two of the more sought-after materials for fireplace surrounds. They offer a wide range of appearances just by altering the finish. Natural finishes without a uniform surface offer their own distinctive look while honed finishes are smooth like a polished finish, but not reflective. A leathered finish is another option that adds texture and soapstone can even be oiled to enrich the color.


Neolith is a high-performance material that is impervious to scratching, stains, heat, fire, chemicals, cold, heat, and even UV rays. It comes in a multitude of finishes and in slabs so large that it can be used to achieve long stretches of walls without seams or joints. Neolith is a very light material that won’t scorch. It’s so easy to clean that buildup from a wood fire may be easily wiped away. Another interesting attribute of Neolith is that it comes in such thin slabs (3- to 5- millimeter thickness) that it’s perfect when you want to achieve a slim profile. Plus, it can be placed directly over nearly any existing material, making renovations easier and cleaner.


Engineered quartz materials, like ColorQuartz are a functional, versatile, and beautiful solution for many areas of the home. The fireplace surround is a place where we’re seeing an increase in use. Homeowners are recognizing the fact that the wide variety of colors, patterns, and finishes to choose from helps to create a striking fireplace design that adds personality to the overall design of the room. Plus, it’s a tremendously high performance material that offers unique heat resistance.  
Want to check out these materials in person? Come visit one of our three New England showrooms in Westwood, MA, Milford, CT, and our newest showroom in Albany, NY. Our experienced stone professionals will help you explore the possibilities for your fireplace surround, countertops, or any area of the home where you’re looking to infuse your unique personality. 


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