Full-Height Slab Backsplashes are Trending 

Full-Height Slab Backsplashes are Trending 

March 15, 2018

This coastal kitchen design from Packard’s Kitchens  in Burlington, MA features a gorgeous full-height slab backsplash. (Photo by Darren Pellegrino.) 

Full-height slab backsplashes are a major trend in the kitchen right now. Whether homeowners are seeking a bolder, more unique look or desiring less maintenance, slab backsplashes are an excellent choice for either situation. 

Also called sheet or panel backsplashes, a full-height slab backsplash is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a backsplash that’s made of one large sheet, panel, or slab. Slab backsplashes typically stretch horizontally for the entire length of the countertop and vertically from the countertop to the bottom of the wall cabinets. Ideally, the slab is all one sheet, but depending on the material you use and the lengths available, it may require a seam. A fabricator will try to make this seam as imperceptible as possible to create a sleek and smooth look that appears as one solid sheet. 

The slab backsplash is popular in contemporary designs because it’s such a sleek and minimal look. It’s also great for transitional kitchen styles since it balances a modern form with a timeless, traditional material—that is, if you select something with the look of natural stone. The uninterrupted surface creates a very different visual from, say, tile. When the material matches from the countertop, up the wall, it creates an especially big, bold look. The eye naturally gravitates to that vertical surface. And best of all, it’s a look that works in any size kitchen. 

Here are some of the reasons that our team at Marble & Granite, Inc. likes full-height slab backsplashes: 

• It’s a custom look that says “luxury.” 

• If you really love the stone you’ve selected for your countertop, it allows you to really show it off to its fullest potential, from all angles. 

• A slab backsplash isn’t just for stone. You can use manmade materials such as ColorQuartz  or Neolith too, which look especially amazing in a more modern setting. 

• Slab backsplashes are not only beautiful, but they’re functional too. Backsplashes behind the sink area are prone to moisture and the area behind the stove is subject to heat and food splatter. Extending the backsplash to full height makes it easier to keep these areas clean. 

• Slab backsplashes are easier to clean up and maintain since they have few seams to collect dirt. Grout seams require sealing right after installation and then again on a regular basis and food particles and germs can linger. Eliminating the seams means less cleaning and maintenance. 

• A stone with large veining makes a dramatic statement, especially in larger kitchens. It’s a great look for open-concept kitchens since it places the material on display, even from a distance. 

• It is a very high-end look that doesn’t necessarily cost a lot more—depending on the surface you choose, of course. 

And best of all, you can use any material you like for a full-height slab backsplash. Not sure what material you prefer for your countertop and/or backsplash? We can help! Visit one of our three northeastern showrooms in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York. Our team of experienced stone professionals are available to assist you with every aspect of your new project. Give us a call at 877-39-STONE or schedule a consultation online. 



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