Natural Stone and Millennials

Natural Stone and Millennials

September 18, 2018

 Sleek and bright kitchen designed by Melissa Miranda Interior Design. Photo via Houzz. 

Millennials are ahead of the curve. They know what’s up with the latest trends and technology. And if they don’t know, they’ll find out. But, when it comes to home remodeling and design, what do millennials think of natural stone? Those in the know say that natural stone is a great fit for millennials, and here’s why…

It’s Worth the investment
Millennials are purchasing their homes later in life. So, when they do finally commit on a long-term investment, they’re looking for quality above all else. According to the National Association of Realtors, millennials are the largest share of homebuyers at 35 percent and growing. Millennials are moving to the suburbs and are choosing detached, single-family homes. Millennials are seeking high-end, high-quality materials that not only look good but that will last. For many, a high price tag is the first thing that comes to mind when they think about natural stone. But, contrary to common belief, natural stone is now more affordable than some manmade surfaces. Due to its longevity, natural stone is really a sound investment. It may be viewed as a luxury, but natural stone will last for decades and even helps raise the value of the home. Plus, natural stone is durable. It can withstand extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. It’s resistant to scratches (in fact, it can even dull your knives) and stains. Plus, it’s a hygienic surface that won’t harbor bacteria. 

They Enjoy the Process 
Millennials do their research. They come in armed with knowledge, often knowing what they want ahead of time. The stone buying process can be rather involved. If you prefer to make the decision yourself, and who doesn’t, it requires some legwork. This is right up the millennial’s alley! They enjoy looking around for just the right natural stone slab and are eager to take part in the design process, from start to finish. (See our past blog on the “9 Steps to the Perfect Countertop.)

It’s One-of-A-Kind
Millennials celebrate being different. They appreciate that every natural stone slab is made by Mother Nature herself to be unique and that no two slabs of natural stone are ever the same. Millennials like that each slab can be cut and finished to bring out its true beauty, helping them to reflect their own identity and personality. Every piece of natural stone is slightly different, and yet its versatile enough for many styles and uses. 

It’s Timeless 
Millennials may want the latest smart home features and technology, but they also appreciate the timeless simplicity of natural stone. Natural stone isn’t “trendy.” It’s a quality investment whose beauty can last forever. With a look that’s been admired for millions of years, natural stone rarely needs to be replaced. In fact, changing tastes are often to blame for its replacement rather than wearing out or damage. Plus, natural stone can blend in with any design style, from modern to traditional. 

It’s the original green building material. Millennials are eco-conscious. They look to reduce waste and their impact on the environment in nearly everything they do. Stone is a natural product of the earth. It requires no other materials or resources to create it. Due to millions of years of geologic changes in the earth, there is an abundant supply. Natural stone contains no harmful chemicals or toxins, so you can rest assured that your interior environment will be safe. Most of the time, if you look, you’ll find a local or regional stone available, which means fewer greenhouse gases emissions during transportation of the materials. 

Whether you’re a Baby Boomer, GenX-er, or Millennial, we can help you find the ideal natural stone slab for your upcoming project. Check out our online inventory at Also visit any of our three New England area showrooms in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York. You can even go online and schedule a consultation for your convenience.  


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