Made in America

Made in America

July 04, 2019

You know that some of the most exquisite marble in the world comes from Italy. And Brazil has historically produced some of the most gorgeous granites available. But, did you know that there are some pretty amazing natural stones that are quarried right here in the United States?
 Quarried in the USA, Beautiful Imperial Danby; photo via Vermont Quarries Corp.
 Quarried in the USA, Eureka Calacatta Danby; photo via Vermont Quarries Corp.

Although stone is formed everywhere around the world, it’s not always economically feasible, or possible, to quarry it. Some stone may be too brittle, some too hard, and some may have all the desirable properties of marble or granite but just don’t have the “look” that homeowners, builders, and architects want. Countries like Italy and Spain have used stone for building for many centuries. They’ve developed the very best systems and processes for quarrying.
Here in the U.S., we’ve traditionally relied on wood for building. Comparatively speaking, we just don’t have the rich history of quarrying that some countries do. But that doesn’t mean that American “grown” stone is any less beautiful. For example, the famous Danby Marble Quarry in Vermont has produced breathtaking marble for more than 100 years. The world-class stone quarry twists and turns more than a mile-and-a-half deep into the Dorset Mountains and its marble has been used for various projects around the world.
Beautiful island in Imperial Danby by Dalia Kitchen Design; photo via Houzz

At Marble and Granite, Inc. we’re proud to offer a large selection of natural stone products that are “Made in America.” Here are some of our favorites:
Imperial Danby Marble (Vermont) - White with soft gray and gold, light to medium, veins
Mountain White Marble (Vermont) - White with diagonal gray, medium to heavy, veins
Eureka Danby Marble (Vermont) - White with darker gold and gray, medium to heavy, veining
Pearl Grey Marble (Georgia) - Beautifully blended shades of grey
Valley Gold Marble (Colorado) - Soft white background with light veins
Jet Mist Granite (Virginia) - Dark grey/black background with lighter cloudy streaks
American Mist (Pennsylvania) – medium toned grey material
Calacatta Lincoln (Colorado) – gorgeous white marble with light feathery veining

Beautiful countertops in Jet Mist Honed by Woodmeister Master Builders; photo via Houzz

Browse our online inventory to see what other “Made in America” products we carry. Or feel free to visit either of our three showrooms, where you can view all of our available slabs and select the right color for your project.



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