Neolith Helps Homes Make a Great First Impression

Neolith Helps Homes Make a Great First Impression

July 15, 2022

Residential project in Miami, FL ,designed by Marc Michaels Interior Design, featuring 6mm Basalt Black Satin Neolith.

Neolith Helps Homes Make a Great First Impression 

Ultra-thin but with superpower strength, Neolith surfacing has evolved into one of the world’s top-performing surfaces in the building industry today. Not only is Neolith perfectly suited for indoor elements such as countertops, flooring, wall covering, vanities, fireplace surrounds cabinet facing, and more. It’s also one of the most specified materials for building exteriors. The same attributes that make Neolith so attractive to commercial builders also make it appealing for homeowners and residential builders as well. 
Las Vegas, NV residence designed by Bassenian Lagoni featuring Iron Corten Neolith. 

Architects and builders are drawn to the way Neolith blends outer beauty with inner strength. Unlike any other surfacing material in the world, Neolith mixes the very best natural raw materials (such as clay, feldspar, silica, and mineral oxide) with technology in a high-pressure, high-temperature kilning process. The outcome is one of the most resilient surfaces in the world-- a high-tech, durable slab that’s resistant to scratching stains, extreme changes in temperature, moisture, high traffic, chemicals and even UV rays. Neolith is also fire-resistant. Even if it comes into contact with fire, it won’t burn or emit toxic fumes. 

More than just a strong material, Neolith is resistant to every climate and extreme weather condition imaginable. It won’t discolor or weaken after decades (and beyond) in the sun or extreme heat or cold. This makes Neolith great for homes here in New England. The façade won’t be bothered by summer sun, winter storms, or even the crazy fluctuations in day-to-day temperatures with which we’re all too familiar in this area. 
 Atlanta home designed by Jeffrey Bruce Baker featuring Estatuario Silk Neolith. Photo by Dámaso Pérez-Fototec
On top of all these amazing attributes that make Neolith an amazing choice for home exteriors, Neolith is also ultra-thin and super-light. This makes slabs easier to transport and handle than most other traditional building materials, cutting down transportation and fabrication costs as well as the environmental impact of transporting materials. 

Despite being a very light material, Neolith has a high shear rate. This means it can handle very heavy loads and pressure, making it quite possibly the most efficient building material around. 
 The Basalt Black Satin Neolith on this Miami home requires little to no maintenance and will look great for the life of the home. 

Oh!  And did we mention…Neolith requires little to no maintenance. It will stay looking beautiful for decades. 

Neolith is a versatile material that’s limited only by one’s imagination. Want to see this remarkable building material for yourself? Here at Marble & Granite, Inc., we’re one of the largest Neolith retailers on the East Coast. We have an array of Neolith options you can check out in person. Our spacious and well-lit showrooms make it easy to show you, your designer, and architect the many attributes Neolith has to offer for your home. Give us a call at 781-915-1250 or schedule an appointment at one of our New England showrooms


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