The Skinny on Thin Countertops

The Skinny on Thin Countertops

October 26, 2022


The Skinny on Thin Countertops 

Sometimes it’s the subtle details that can make the biggest impact. And countertops are no exception. A thin, streamlined countertop in the kitchen or bath makes a stylish statement while potentially offering other benefits beyond aesthetics. Here are the top 10 reasons that thin is in:  

10.    Slim profile countertops are a natural pairing with contemporary design styles. The sleek, simple lines created by thin countertops complement the same clean and sophisticated lines featured in most modern and transitional cabinetry styles.

9.    Thin countertops are a great choice for integrated concept kitchens when using panels to “hide” appliances from plain view. The slim countertop helps to blend elements together as much as possible. 

8.    A streamlined countertop profile can actually help create the illusion of more space in a smaller kitchen or bath. 
Calacatta Original on shower walls, Paonazzo marble on vanity top
7.    Thinner materials are lighter and therefore may be easier to transport and install. Lighter slabs also require a smaller crew for handling and installation. 

6.   Since slim countertops mean less material, costs may be slightly less. 

5.    A thinner countertop is a better option when designing overhangs for seating, bar tops, and even floating tops since less weight is involved. 

4.    Slim can still be mighty. While you might be inclined to think that a thinner slab with less weight means an inferior surface that’s not as strong and resilient, this is not the case. Thin doesn’t mean flimsy. If your countertop is composed of high-quality material, there is no need for it to be thick. Neolith, for example, is only 12 mm thick, but it’s a real power house when used in countertop applications. 

3.    A thin kitchen countertop makes it easier to incorporate a full-height backsplash—a look that many homeowners and designer prefer. 

2.    Choosing thinner countertops may help your slabs go a long way throughout the rest of your project. For example, in an open concept home, you could use the same material on the fireplace for a cohesive look. It could also be used for wall caps, window sills, and trim. Plus, remnants can be incorporated into table tops or vanity tops. 
Basalt black Neolith countertop

1.    And finally, the top reason that thin countertops are a fabulous choice: variety. From manmade materials like Neolith and quartz to natural marble, granite, and quartzite slabs, there are a multitude of surfaces, colors, and textures to choose from. While the standard countertop depth is 3cm (1 ¼”), there are increasingly more streamlined options available. Quarries are producing stone slabs as thin as 2cm (3/4”) and even 12mm (1/2”), so you’re sure to find the ideal countertop surface for your project. 

Whether you’re a homeowner, designer, architect or fabricator, our surfacing experts are available to show you our expansive collection of top-quality surface options. Give us a call at  781-915-1250 or visit our newly designed website to schedule an appointment to find your perfect stone today. 



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