Marble vs. Quartz: The Ultimate Countertop Showdown

May 03, 2024
For centuries, homeowners have dreamt of countertops that are both beautiful and functional. Two materials that consistently top the list are marble and quartz. But with distinct advantages and disadvantages, choosing between them can be tricky. Let's delve into the world of marble vs. quartz to help you crown the champion for your kitchen (or bathroom!).
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Make Your Holiday Kitchen Dreams Come True 

December 13, 2023
It’s hard to believe that another year has passed and that the holidays are here once again! Whether you’re planning to host friends and family or you’re prepping for a holiday baking frenzy, this time of year can oftentimes be a reminder that it’s time to ask Santa for new kitchen countertops—or maybe a whole new kitchen. 
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Top 10 Reasons to Incorporate Granite Steps into Your Hardscape Design

June 21, 2023
You already know that granite is a top choice for kitchen and bath countertops thanks to its strength, longevity, and beauty. And while granite might not be the first surface you think of when conceptualizing residential outdoor projects, it should be.
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Neolith Fireplace Showcases the Beauty and Versatility of this Dependable Material

April 26, 2023
Ultra-slim Neolith is one of the most flexible and versatile surfacing materials available today. It can be used for both residential and commercial projects and is suitable for everything from building facades and large format flooring to kitchen countertops and backsplashes
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Natural Stone Plays a Major Role in 2023’s Top Kitchen Design Trends 

April 05, 2023
Kitchen designers, along with experts including HGTV and House Beautiful, have weighed in on the top kitchen trends for 2023. And it comes as no surprise that natural stone is playing a bit part in today’s trending design concepts.
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Natural Stone Receives Important Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), Helping to Solidify its Status as a Green Material  

March 03, 2023
The National Stone Institute (NSI) has announced the publication of the first industry-wide Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for natural stone. For architects, designers, and consumers like you, this means that natural stone is recognized as a low-carbon building material.
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Personality Pulsates through your Project with Paonazzo

February 14, 2023
Love the classic look of fine Italian marble but looking for something with an extra pop of personality? Check out Paonazzo. This gorgeous marble actually comes from Italy’s Mount Bettogli, the very same mountain that  yields the famous Carrara marble. But Paonazzo offers a unique twist. 
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The Beauty of Quartzite Shines with a Little T.L.C

November 21, 2022
If you’re looking for a durable natural stone countertop that can last for decades, Quartzite is a great and beautiful choice. Similar in looks to marble, quartzite is a metamorphic rock formed deep in the earth’s crust when sandstone (silica) and quartz come together under tremendous amounts of heat and pressure. 
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The Skinny on Thin Countertops

October 26, 2022
Sometimes it’s the subtle details that can make the biggest impact. And countertops are no exception. A thin, streamlined countertop in the kitchen or bath makes a stylish statement while potentially offering other benefits beyond aesthetics. Here are the top 10 reasons that thin is in:
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Spotlight on Phoenix Sky - Vadara Quartz

October 24, 2022
Vadara set out to recreate the depth of shade and radiant light in Phoenix Sky’s subtle veins of grey and gold, set against a luminous white backdrop.
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