Latest Trend in Kitchen Design: White Granite Countertops

September 27, 2012
White is the perfect color to start with when designing a kitchen. White allows the space to feel larger, architecture to stand out and textures and accent colors to really pop. But when it comes to white countertops, marble is not the only option. Here at Marble and Granite in New England, we are noticing that white granite has become very popular among homeowners and property owners, too. This is because white granite can provide the same elegant beauty as marble countertops but with the advantages of more durability and slightly less maintenance. 
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Use You Granite Countertop Sink & Stove Cutouts as Cooking Stones

July 26, 2012
Don't let any of your brand new, beautiful granite go to waste. When installing new granite countertops, be sure to request from your fabricator to keep any sink or stovetop cutouts. These granite slabs can be turned into fantastic cooking stones! Whether you are an aspiring culinary professional, an at-home chef or simply a foodie looking for new and easy ways to cook up deliciousness, you'll love grilling and baking with a cooking stone (that matches your countertops, no less). If you have enough leftover granite for two cooking stones, use the other as a great gift for another food-lover. 
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